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With the eyes of the national watching, No.7 Wisconsin lit up No.8 Nebraska in the Cornhuskers' first Big Ten game, doing it with his offense, dominance and a dose of Russell Wilson. Because of it, a lot of opinions were shared, and Badger Nation takes a look at a sampling of them.

MADISON - Michael Vick, J.J. Watt, Governor Scott Walker, College GameDay and others contributed to the best of the best from the wide, wide world of Twitter during Wisconsin's 48-17 beatdown of Nebraska Saturday night (all republished tweets have been left as received):

@btnbrentyarina Jared Abbrederis = #B1G's next Blair White. Still no scholarship, but it should come and he still has 2-plus years left.

@cst_Cowley Enjoy the ride home to Lincoln Nebraska fan. It was nice having you ... And the rest of the Big Ten, thanks for playing. There should be consolation prizes at the door for you to pick up on your way out.

@Wingra Camp Randall announcer & fan cheers are coming through my closed windows a mile away. #ThatIsSomeSeriousEnergy #Badgers

@MikeVick Russell Wilson ballin out. Top 3 qb n college hands doen

@janadoran Is it possible this #Kstate fan feeling teensy bit sorry for #huskers ? Naw. Thrash away #badgers

@JJWatt Russell Wilson is the real deal.

@cfly Really confused about when the #Huskers became an air raid offense. Shouldn't they run the ball and play defense?

@SteveMaxBoxing Russell Wilson is the best football free agent acquisition in the state of Wisconsin since Reggie White #badgers #ncaafootball #nfl

@ShaneConnelly Thanks Brent musberger for the Wisco hockey shout-out! Welcome to the big ten Nebraska! Boom.. Roasted

@CollegeGameDay #Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson is 6/6 for 6 first downs on 3rd down. As Herbie has kept saying, "Unbelievable poise."

@KCJHoop Tough call which has been more impressive: Russell Wilson or amount the Camp Randall crowd got the press box to shake during Jump Around.

@jrLaurinaitis Welcome to the big ten nebraska. Camp Randall is no joke. Wisconsin is for real.

@DickieV Wisconsin Badgers gave a Big Welcome to Nebraska to Big 10! Badgers r so tough @ home.

@ThayerEvansFox Waiting for Wisconsin band to perform & spell out "Thanks Tom" for North Carolina State coach Tom O'Brien handing Badgers QB Russell Wilson.

@GovWalker What a Big Win 4 the #Badgers! Can u say Russell "Heisman" Wilson?!?

@JWhiteout20 Good win! Thank you to everybody for the support! But I have to play better!!

@Louis_Nzegwu Welcome to the Big Ten... #badgers

@ChrisMaragos Proud to be a Badger, sleeping in my Wisconsin t-shirt tonight... #badgernation #badgers

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