Five Keys to Victory: Indiana

After 14 days, Wisconsin football is finally back and the action could be plentiful with a struggling Indiana team coming to Camp Randall Saturday. Badger Nation gives its five keys to victory (other than show up) for Saturday's Homecoming Game.

1, Back in action

It's been two weeks since the Badgers destroyed Nebraska in the Big Ten opener. How will the layoff affect Wisconsin's hot start? If the last two seasons are any indication (71-13 combined score), it shouldn't. Considering the beating last year's Badger squad put on the Hoosiers, anything less than a major blowout might be considered a step back.

2, Heisman hopes

It's games like this against the defensively challenged teams (9th in the Big Ten in scoring defense, 11th in yards against) that beef up Heisman resumes. The chance will be there to really rack up the yards and touchdowns to put Russell Wilson ahead of the likes of Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore, and Robert Griffin for the lead in the Heisman race. The only thing that might hurt Wilson...

3, Sailing away The forecast for Saturday looks like perfect football weather at first glance: 62 degrees, partly cloudy. Mother nature is throwing in a twist though, as wind speeds are expected to consistently be in the 30 mph range. It's going to be a true test of Wilson's accuracy and decision making, as throwing a few interceptions could allow Indiana to hang around for longer than they should.

4, Big Belcher While Indiana isn't exactly what one would call an explosive team, wide receiver Damarlo Belcher has the ability to make plays all over the field. Belcher has been relatively quiet this season, he's a threat to break out at any time and should be a test for the Wisconsin secondary.

5, One for the road

Excluding the neutral site game against Northern Illinois in Chicago, Wisconsin hasn't had to leave Camp Randall this season. That all comes to an end next Saturday as the Badgers will travel to East Lansing and Columbus for two of the biggest games of the season in the next two weeks. When this game looks in the bag (and that should be early) the Badgers should look to shore up the depth chart and keep the walking wounded healthy.

Fearless prediction

Has Indiana gotten any better from last year? Has Wisconsin gotten worse? No and no. Wisconsin should cruise.

Wisconsin 62 Indiana 13

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