UW QB Target - Sean Lewis

Oak Lawn (Ill.) Richards QB Sean Lewis has Wisconsin listed among his favorites. The Badgers could be getting a steal if they offer a scholarship.

At the rate things are going, Northwestern could be getting quite a steal in quarterback Sean Lewis.

The 6-foot-7, 220-pounder, from Oak Lawn (Ill.) Richards has one scholarship offer and that's from the Wildcats.

Lewis is without question the top quarterback in the Land of Lincoln as well as being of the top gunslingers in the Midwest.

So what gives? Why only one offer for Lewis? There could be several factors. College recruiters for obvious reasons have to be 110% sure on a quarterback before they make an offer.

The quarterback is the straw that stirs the drink and he touches the ball more than anyone on the football field.

Leadership, smarts, arm strength, speed and decision making ability are just a few of the criteria college recruiters are looking for in a quarterback.

The recruiting of quarterbacks is critical for any coaching staff. The quarterback could decide if the coach is a hero or gets fired and there's to many examples to name.

Lewis has all the intangibles that the college recruiters are looking for but he'll need to be patient and let things develop during his senior season.

On film, Lewis stands tall in the pocket, feels pressure extremely well and he doesn't have happy feet. He'll deliver a strike and not be afraid to take the hit after the throw.

Lewis is deceptively fast. He'll take off with the ball and pick up a lot of yardage on the ground.

Sean is very poised in the pocket, he can make every throw on the football field, he throws the ball with touch and zip and could also thread the needle in zone coverage.

Last but not least, Sean Lewis is a winner and he's going to make one coaching staff very happy they offered him a scholarship.

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