Brooks Bollinger Q&A, the New York Jets' site on The Insiders network, conducted a Q&A with rookie quarterback Brooks Bollinger.

Q)What do you think the Jets see in you? What do you think your role will be here?

Bollinger: I think they really saw my decision-making ability and my ability to protect the football. [I think they saw] a tremendous upside. I think the physical attributes that I have can only get better in their system.

Q)Did you expect to be drafted or were you not sure?

Bollinger: Yeah, I expected to be drafted. I made some progress and my stock went up a little bit. I talked to a number of teams that said they'd like to take me.

Q)With your athletic ability, was there any consideration of using you at a position other than quarterback?

Bollinger: People have asked me that question. I don't think I'm quite at that level with some of the guys like Eric Crouch that have done that in the past. I have good athletic ability as a quarterback. I've never really played anything other than quarterback on the football field, so I just don't think that there's really a possibility for me to jump over somewhere else.

Q)How would you describe your arm strength?

Bollinger: I think I have a strong enough arm to make any of the throws I need to make on the football field. Obviously, I want to get my arm stronger, and I don't think it's as strong as it needs to be, but I think that's one thing that surprised every team that came to work me out. They weren't expecting me to have the arm strength that I do.

Q)What's your hometown Grand Forks, South Dakota like?

Bollinger: It's a little like New York (he laughs). It's about 55,000 and right on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. It's a college town. Hockey's the biggest sport there. There was a really bad flood back in '97. The thing I can say about Grand Forks is that there are great people and that's why I feel fortunate to have grown up there.

Q)What kind of style was the offense at Wisconsin?

Bollinger: In my time there, it evolved and we did a bunch of different stuff. My freshman year, Ron Dayne was here. I think number one it was going to be a run-first team. But as my time went on we did some different stuff and I threw the ball around more. I got the opportunity to see a lot of different stuff in my time here.

Q)What do you know about Chad Pennington?

Bollinger: I saw him play quite a bit when he was at Marshall, and obviously he had a great year last year with the Jets. I think he's a tremendous young quarterback in the NFL. Really, I'm looking forward to learning a lot from both of those guys (Pennington and Vinny Testaverde).

Q)If you were to be a backup, is that a role you would be satisfied with?

Bollinger: I just wanted a chance to get to a camp. What happens from there is really hard to determine. The first goal is completed and I will be in a camp. I'm going to compete every day to be the absolute best that I can be. Wherever that puts me in the Jets eyes, I'll be happy with that.

Q)Who's the best receiver you've ever played with?

Bollinger: There are two: Chris Chambers, who's now with Miami, was one of the most athletically gifted I've ever been on the football field with. It was great to throw to him. But we also had a guy by the name of Lee Evans that had to sit out last year after tearing his ACL in a spring game. He's coming back for his senior year. He's at that same level.

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