Biegel Recaps UW Official

Between the end of his high school season and preparing to represent his state, his school and future university in the US Army All-American Bowl, four-star linebacker Vince Biegel took his official visit to the University of Wisconsin this past weekend.

MADISON - Even though his football season ended with a runner-up finish in the WIAA Division 1 state championship, Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln senior linebacker Vince Biegel still has a little more high school football left in him.

One of several Wisconsin commits selected to postseason All-American bowls, Biegel heads out January 1 for San Antonio to represent the state of Wisconsin and the UW football program in the US Army All-American Bowl on January 7.

This past weekend, he headed to Madison for his official visit and recapped the weekend with

BN: You've been down to Madison a number of times for some football games, so what was different this weekend on your official visit?

Biegel: Overall it was just a really great weekend. It was great talking to some of the recruits like Vonte Jackson, getting to know them on a social basis and a player basis, and they are a really good group of guys. I am excited to play football with them. They seem like they are really smart football players.

It was just a really good time to get a good feel for what it's going to be like as a student. I got to hang out with some of the guys on the team and it was nice for some of them to take me under their wing and show me around.

BN: Talk a little about strength coach Ben Herbert's presentation to you today because that kind of strength training seems right up your alley?

Biegel: Herbert is a mad man. He transforms guys and that's the truth. I would be lying if I said he wasn't one of the big parts on why I committed to Wisconsin. The guy knows his stuff. He's an intense guy and he's my kind of guy. I am looking forward to buckling down and working hard for him. He's got a hard, rigorous workout program but I know it's going to be beneficial for the guys coming in to make players better and develop them into great football players.

BN: Another guy that was a big part in you committing was linebackers coach Dave Huxtable. You said you were a little leery after Dave Doeren left, but that you were really impressed when you first met Huxtable. What was it like being able to sit down and talk with him this weekend?

Biegel: Like you said, Coach Doeren left and I knew they were going to bring in another great guy like Coach Bielema usually does. Coach Huxtable, I can't say enough about him. He's another coach that is my type of guy. He's a blue-collared coach and a really hardworking guy. I am really excited to have him as a coach. I am looking forward to the things that he is going to throw at me and I am fortunate to have him as my future coach.

BN: What was Coach Bret Bielema's message to you this weekend?

Biegel: My dad and my brother had to leave early to go on a planned hunting trip and my mom had to get back home early, too, so I was with Coach Bielema by myself and it was actually a really good time. I spent a lot of time by myself and it was kind of like the college life, getting a chance to get away from all the parents talk, be on my own and have my collective thoughts to myself. Going in with Coach Bielema, he's really a good coach that cares about his players. He was fresh off the plane from the Heisman trophy with Montee Ball. He really truly cares about his players and that was another big reason why I wanted to come here. He really wants his players to do his best and you can talk to him about anything.

BN: Who was your host on the weekend and how was that experience?

Biegel: My actual host was Sam Arneson, but it was a collective group with the two of us and Jake Keefer. They were really great hosts. I actually played high school football against Sam, so we know each other really well. I am really looking forward to playing with those guys because they are good football players.

BN: What's is like for you having committed last spring and being able to sit back and watch this season as a fan – seeing UW bring in Russell Wilson, win a lot of games, go through some adversity and go back to the Rose Bowl – and knowing you are going to be a part of it next year?

Biegel: I committed early mainly because I wanted to get it out of the way and focus on what I love to do, which is play football. I watched Wisconsin quite a bit and cheered them on. I was at almost every home game, which was a blast, but to be honest, my true focus was playing my last year of high school football. My main goal was my football team this past year, and I am really looking forward to playing at Wisconsin next year. I really am truly blessed but at the same time, I want to take care of business as Wisconsin Rapids because I still have one semester left. It was a great season for UW and I really enjoyed watching those guys, but I was really focused on my season.

BN: Talk to me about preparing for the All-American Bowl and your excitement for that event?

Biegel: I am training really hard. I have been lifting everyday and my head coach has been working me good. I am working with a couple of my other football guys and it's been a good dream so far. I want to keep it going. I am really looking forward to the game, playing in that and representing the state of Wisconsin the best I can.

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