Like A Vacation for Jackson

Progressing nicely from the ACL injury he suffered in August, Kenosha Bradford running back and four-star Wisconsin commit Vonte Jackson recaps his official visit this weekend.

MADISON - One of five committed prospects spending the weekend in Madison, Kenosha Bradford running back Vonte Jackson got to take in UW's awards banquet, a UW basketball game, plenty of food and plenty of interaction with his former teammates. For him, it made Jackson come home and start marking the days until he enrolls at semester.

On Sunday, Jackson recapped the weekend with

BN: You've been down to Madison a number of times for some football games, so what was different this weekend on your official visit?

Jackson: It definitely felt like a vacation. I felt really relaxed there, got all my questions answered about enrolling early and everything was real informative.

BN: What were some of the questions you had answered that put your mind at ease?

Jackson: I just wanted to know about the whole process about enrolling early and everything about classes. I wanted to know more about the physical I have to take when I get up there and what else I need to do to get myself ready.

BN: How excited are you to come up early not just to get started on your rehab but to start diving into the playbook?

Jackson: Yeah, I think coming up early is really going to help me with the transition. I am excited to be up there in the spring when the season over instead of jumping right into things in the summer. I can start learning and get going right away with the team.

BN: On your visit, do anybody get a chance to look at your knee and if so, were they encouraged with how things were progressing?

Jackson: I had a doctor's appointment as soon as I get up there (in January). The doctor that did my surgery wasn't there this weekend, but he looked at it two weeks ago. I am definitely encouraged by my knee. I am probably at about 45 percent. I still can't run yet and the doctors don't want me running until I get up there (to Madison). I am anxious to move forward and I hopefully will be ready to start doing things in spring ball.

BN: Who was your host this weekend and talk about meeting your teammates?

Jackson: My host was Darius Hillary, a cornerback from Ohio. Getting a chance to meet the players, they are all friendly guys. They were a lot of fun to hang around with. I got to talk Vince Biegel a little bit. I've seen him at track meets before, so I know him pretty good. I got to meet D.J. Singleton and Arthur Goldberg. They were really nice to be around.

BN: What was the main message Coach Thomas Hammock and Coach Bret Bielema gave you on your visit? Anything different than what they had been telling you all along?

Jackson: Nothing really changed other than they excited to have me come up early. I am really excited, too. I wish I could go with them to the Rose Bowl, but I'll have to wait.

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