Game Day Grades: Iowa

Badger Nation hands out the grades after No.11 Wisconsin's shocking loss to unranked Iowa at the Kohl Center on Saturday.

Offense: D+

Wisconsin could not make a shot to save its soul - going 24-of-69 (34.8 percent) from the floor. Nobody on the Badgers could get in to a rhythm offensively. With Wisconsin being down for most of the game, they started to rely on the three-point shot to get them back in the game. That shooting percentage was even worse, as UW finished 3-of-28 (10.7 percent).

Wisconsin had a total of four players in double figures. Jared Berggren had 12 points, Josh Gasser and Ben Brust both had 11 points and Jordan Taylor led the way with 17 points.

Wisconsin was missing easy put backs or lay ups and when they were going for a rebound on the offensive side of the floor, they could never hang on to the basketball. Even though the Badgers had 15 offensive rebounds, Wisconsin was unable to hold on to the ball strong enough or simply dropped the basketball.

Taylor didn't play the best but he was the most effective on offense. He had 17 points on 7-of-19 shooting. At times when Wisconsin was down, Taylor's teammates relegated to the senior captain to get them out of the deficit.

Defense: D+

Wisconsin had a total of 18 personal fouls and the Hawkeyes got to the line 17 times, making 12 of their free throws. The Hawkeyes went 29-of-59 (49.2 percent) from the floor, all numbers uncharacteristic of Wisconsin's defense this year.

What's the most concerning is Wisconsin had trouble stopping the ball. At times the Hawkeyes would bring the ball down and nobody on defense would stop them until they got to the rim. Iowa had the option of passing it to one of their teammates or keeping the ball themselves. Not stopping the ball is so fundamental it's one of the first things you learn about when you start playing the game. It's unacceptable and coach Bo Ryan can't be happy with how his defense played, especially with how well UW has played this year on the defensive side of the ball.

Also the Badgers had trouble hedging the screens. Iowa would simply screen a Badger defender, which opened them up for a shot. Besides not being able to get through the screen, the help defense wasn't there for the Badgers either. With screens, somebody should be there to help and pick up the open man at least close out on the shooter to contest his shot.

Wisconsin forced the Hawkeyes to cough the ball up 10 times. But they only managed to get 13 points off of the Hawkeyes turnovers.

Overall: D+

It's obvious Iowa outplayed the Badgers by getting to every loose ball, but it's hard to win ball games when you shoot 34.8 percent from the floor and make only 3 of 28 threes.

Wisconsin did not get good production from its bench. Only two people scored off the bench with Brust having 11 and Rob Wilson had five points all in the first half. Brust may have had 11 points but he shot a low percentage (4-of-13) from the floor.

Iowa outrebounded Wisconsin 41 to 39, which is surprising considering Wisconsin has the size advantage over Iowa. Not only did the Badgers have the height over the Hawkeyes, but part of the reason Iowa outrebound the Badgers was because we didn't do a good job of boxing out. With no one boxing out, everyone at times was going for the rebound at the same time. At times, Wisconsin would get the rebound also at times they would fight over it and let the ball land in one of the Hawkeye players. Iowa had 12 points off of second-chance opportunities.

Ryan Evans, who scored a career high 22 points against Nebraska, only had five points and fouled out of the game.

Freshman Frank Kaminsky wasn't give much of a chance - only playing two minutes – but managed two blocks in two minutes. Overall the Badgers had a total of five blocked shots.

Game MVP: Jordan Taylor. It's hard to give out a game MVP but when Wisconsin played as poorly as they did, but Taylor was the only Badger who was looking to do anything on the offensive end and was trying to get the Badgers back in the game.

Nobody was in an offensive rhythm but Taylor was the closest, and has become more aggressive over the last two games. He has been attacking the hoop more now than he was in the nonconference portion of the schedule. Taylor played the entire game had four assists to one turnover and also had six rebounds.

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