New Schools for Shelton

Cornerback Sojourn Shelton thought his recruitment was over when he decided to commit to the school he grew up loving. While he still calls his situation 'perfect,' Shelton has seen new offers come his way, including one from Wisconsin.

MADISON - Growing up dreaming about playing for Florida State, being the next great South Florida cornerback since Deion Sanders, junior Sojourn Shelton had no qualms about giving the Seminoles his verbal commitment soon after he got his first scholarship last June.

"As a kid I always wanted to be at Florida State and if I got an opportunity to play for Florida State, that's where I wanted to be," Shelton told Badger Nation. "My family is divided between being huge Florida State fans and huge Miami fans, so there's a lot of support down here. At the time, it was a perfect because I knew there was a good chance I could play early."

It may still be the perfect fit, but Shelton – a 5-9, 170-pound cornerback from Plantation (Fla.) HS – is recognizing that there are going to be more opportunities out there for him. In the next few weeks, Shelton has been told by the coaches at South Carolina and South Florida that they will be offering, which would join with the offered extended to him by defensive coordinator Charlie Partridge and Wisconsin.

"They came by to my school a couple times and we've had a real good conversation," Shelton said of his dialogue with Wisconsin. "They like my ability to cover and be a good an athlete."

Shelton said Partridge – a graduate of Plantation HS - started recruiting him during him last spring, a moment that stuck out because Shelton was impressed of the new Big Ten Championship ring around the coach's finger. From talking about rings to athletics, Shelton calls the relationship ‘really good' because of the feedback he's gotten from the UW coach.

"A lot of coaches have drawn a red flag because of my weight, but Wisconsin said my weight wasn't an issue and that my abilities were hard to find," Shelton said. "They said they have a good weight program and that they could put weight on me. That was the first time me hearing that from a school because most school say I am too small.

"Hearing that from Wisconsin, knowing that they like my ability and they could put weight on me, meant a lot."

Because of the new schools coming in and the desire to see more places, Shelton plans to take all five of his visits.

"I don't see a problem with taking them," said Shelton. "Guys take visits all the time, so I don't see a problem with it. Right now, I don't have too many offers, so I would like to go to Wisconsin down the road, especially if we stay in contact a lot more. I'd love to give Wisconsin an official."

Although he has been committed to the school for almost eight months, Shelton said he is still has good contact with the Seminoles coaches but hasn't spoken to them much recently because of school commitments.

"I have to make sure I handle my school work and my ACT, which is the big thing to help me get into college," said Shelton. "I haven't talked to them a lot, but we have good conversations. When they come, they show a lot of love and I really like the coaching staff. I can always call them."

With a little under a year under the next national signing day, Shelton knows he's not going to walk away from his dream for nothing. He also knows he's not going to pass up a real good opportunity should one present itself.

"I am not a person that is automatically going to de-commit," Shelton said. "I made that decision, but it does impact me because it makes me see the good in the other schools. I need to go where is best for me. It's not about the dream school. It shows that other people, despite your weight, believe in you and you can have good competition at that school."

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