Akron Expert Q&A: Part 2

Here is the second installment of our Q&A with Jason Stoynoff, a webmaster for an independent Akron website.

If everyone stays healthy in the receiving corps, what are they capable of this season?

Stoynoff: The sky is the limit with this group. A lot of teams will have a hard time stopping the Zips if they go five wide.

Who do you see stepping up and being the main factors in the passing game?

Stoynoff: There are three main wide receivers that will be the focus of the Zips passing game this year. Matt Cherry, Miquel Irvin and Nick Sparks. Cherry and Irvin are the starters for the Zips. Both are very solid receivers coming off good seasons last year. But I think Sparks could be the X factor this year. He has been the backup quarterback the past two seasons but will be a full-time wide receiver this year. Nick is a big receiver at 6-3, 215. He has great speed and good hands. If he gets more touches this year he could have a breakout season.

Which members of the Akron offensive line will cause Wisconsin the most problems?

Stoynoff: I really can't say there is one player on the offensive line that stands out. As a whole the group played great at times last year but they do have room for improvement. They are big line averaging 310 pounds per man. Having played all last season together should make them better this year.

Have the major defensive problems from last year been addressed? What are some changes we can expect on that side of the ball this year?

Stoynoff: Most of the problems were fixed towards the end of last season. Players were moved around to more natural positions and younger kids were given more playing time. One thing I think the Zips will change is trying to get more pressure on the quarterback. Part of the reason for giving up so many points is due to lack of pressure on the quarterback.

Did Defensive Coordinator Joe Tresey make changes that perhaps took a year to become established for Akron, or were the problems a talent/depth issue?

Stoynoff: He came in and put in a whole new defense. It took the players some time to learn the new defense. I also feel at the beginning of the year they were less aggressive than the end of year, probably due to learning the new defense.

Jason Stoynoff is not affiliated with the University of Akron or the UA Athletic Office. His independent website can be accessed via the link below:

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