Fulton's Stock Rising

Defensive Tackle Xavier Fulton will likely stay in Big Ten country for his college years. Many of the top schools in the Midwest are battling it out for the Homewood-Flossmoor senior.

Xavier Fulton has begun to narrow down his list of schools, and his parents would like him to make a decision early.

But the 6-5, 265-pound defensive tackle from Homewood-Flossmoor High School in Illinois wants to think everything through before making a commitment.

"My parents want me to choose early so I don't have to go through all the hassle later on," Fulton said. "But I at least want to check out all my options, make sure I'm not missing out on anything."

The powerhouse senior recorded 49 tackles, 10 tackles-for-loss and five sacks last season, and he bench presses 350, squats 570 and power cleans 310 pounds.

Training in the weight room is one of Fulton's favorite aspects of the sport, and he wants to know more about each program's conditioning programs.

"I want to look more at what they do in the offseason," Fulton said. "Schools don't like to talk about that a whole lot. I'm trying to get somebody to send me a mock weightlifting schedule or something like that, but so far, nobody's sent me anything."

Fulton will take an unofficial visit to Miami and Tennessee en route to a one-week family cruise leaving out of Miami later this summer. Earlier this spring, he took trips to Illinois, Central Michigan, Northwestern and Indiana. He also plans to take visits to Wisconsin and Iowa.

But right now, Fulton hinted the Illini might be tough to beat, primarily because of the location.

"I've already been there at least four or five times," Fulton said. "I have kind of a personal favorite right now, but not really."

Fulton is somewhat of a throwback player, who thrives on intensity and big hits.

"My hero growing up was Jack Youngblood," Fulton said. "He played a while back."

Fulton, who has a 2.5 grade point average and a 20 ACT, said academics will factor into his decision.

"Academics will play into it, because I know if I went to Northwestern or something, I'd have a really tough time there," Fulton said.

While Fulton's parents would prefer him to make a decision this summer, Fulton might let things play out for a while, as his stock seems to be rising.

Nebraska, Tennessee and Michigan State are among the schools that have been in constant contact with Fulton recently, and could pull the trigger on an offer in the near future.

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