Gault Getting his Name Out

He's only a sophomore, but Monona Grove (Wis.) offensive lineman Jaden Gault is starting the process of getting his name out there by sending film to the entire Big Ten. While other coaches don't know his name yet, the Badgers are already off to a good start building a relationship after his third unofficial Thursday.

MADISON - Although just a sophomore, Monona Grove offensive lineman Jaden Gault is starting to think more and more about his future as the summer months approach. Admitting his recruitment has been quiet up to this point, Gault has taken the first steps by scheduling two spring combines and sending his film out to every Big Ten school.

"I'm hoping to get my name out there more," Gault told Badger Nation Thursday. "I'll have to get my name out to other schools, which I know will happen with this upcoming season and combines."

While he may be an unknown commodity to some coaching staffs, the Badgers have already become well accustomed to what the 6-6.5, 284-pound lineman brings to the table.

Making his third trip up to Wisconsin to take a closer look at the program, Gault spent time with his Monona Grove coaching staff watching the UW offensive linemen go through individual and position drills.

"How they practice and the speed of the game is so much quicker (than high school) and Coach Markuson was all about coaching his players," said Gault. "Our coach has us practice the same fundamentals and we are really sound like they are with technique. My coaches incorporate a lot of the drills we do from what they do, but their speed is a lot faster than the high school level."

Offensive line coach Mike Markuson is Gault's main recruiting contact, a benefit to Gault seeing as the first-year UW offensive line coach could be his position coach. Their relationship has grown, too, seeing as Markuson made it a point to come talk to Gault right away before Thursday's practice.

"He wants his recruits in the area to come to Wisconsin," Gault said. "He wants to get to know me better and he's a really great guy. It's a huge aspect of me getting to know him and seeing him as a coach in the future. That could be a possibility."

Gault has been invited back to Wisconsin's spring game and plans to camp in Madison. He hopes to camp at other Big Ten schools, as well. He's taken the process in stride and been getting counseled by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers line coach Grady Stretz , who has told him to just go to as many camps and things will fall into place.

"The way I look at it, I need to get offers from other schools first in ordered to get offered by Wisconsin," said Gault. "Wisconsin said I am a D-I level player, and to just keep working. The only way that they are going to offer is if I prove myself."

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