Big Ten Visits for Larson

Needing to get out on the road and give himself more exposure, Pleasant Plains (Ill.) tight end Logan Larson headed to Wisconsin on Tuesday and Purdue on Wednesday to meet the coaching staffs and watch practice.

MADISON - Playing in a small Illinois high school with a total enrollment under 500, Logan Larson already knew he would need to exert himself this spring and summer if he was going to get college interest.

Good thing for the Pleasant Plains (Ill) HS tight end that working in a high school offense that is heavy in the running game, Larson has had plenty of time to fine tune his blocking, especially since he only caught roughly 11 passes and had 22 carries from a fullback position last season.

"Blocking is really my main thing on film, but I know I am able to catch the ball and run with it," Larson told Badger Nation. "A lot of schools like the versatility that I have by being able to play fullback."

With a lot of schools interested, Larson has already visited Eastern Michigan, Iowa State, Toledo and Western Michigan, but kicked up his visits this past week with a couple of Big Ten schools.

After Wisconsin was one of the first schools to contact Larson by mail, the 6-4, 255-pound prospect made his way to UW's campus for the first time on Tuesday with his parents.

"I've known for a long time that Wisconsin was a good program, so I just wanted to be able to watch them and see how the coaches interact with the players," said Larson. "Being a tight end and knowing Wisconsin uses a lot of tight ends, I wanted to be able to see how its offense looked up close compared to watching them on television."

After watching Wisconsin practice for a little over two hours Tuesday, how did it compare from the views on television to Larson?

"It was really what I figured it would be like," said Larson. "Overall with the whole practice, I thought it was really organized with how they moved from drill to drill. A lot of no-huddle teams practice like that and even though Wisconsin doesn't have that type of offense, they really have a fast-paced practice, and I liked that."

Following his Wisconsin visit, Larson and his family traveled five-plus hours to West Lafayette, Ind., to take in a spring practice at Purdue.

"I thought it was pretty nice," said Larson. "It seemed like a fun atmosphere, but they still got to work. The facilities are nice. They don't really run a pro-style offense, but I like how they use their tight ends by splitting them out as a receiver."

At both campuses, however, Larson was told that he would have to return in the summer to be evaluated, simply because he doesn't have a lot of offense on his highlight tapes.

"At Wisconsin I talked to my recruiting coach, Coach Ash, and the tight end coach, Coach Faulkner, and they said they would love to have me up at camp to get a little more evaluation," said Larson. "They just need to see me a little bit more, so I plan on getting up there sometime."

Larson will head to Illinois State Thursday and Indiana State later this week still in search of his first offer.

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