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In an exclusive interview with Badger Nation, Coach Barry Alvarez commented on UW's summer camps, incoming freshmen, Lee Evans' status and whether there are any planned position changes for fall camp.

Coach Barry Alvarez sat down with Badger Nation earlier this week for an exclusive Q&A previewing the 2003 season. A transcript of the conversation will be available in Badger Nation's 2003 Football Preview, published next month. Here are some questions asked exclusively for our online subscribers:


With the completion of Wisconsin's second summer camp Wednesday morning, Coach Barry Alvarez said he was pleased overall with the talent and turnout at the two sessions. There were more prospects in attendance at UW's second session than the first one, held last week.

"It's been a good camp," Alvarez said. "I thought the kids have been good. We've had kids coming in with the right idea, coming in to learn. I think there is better ability in (the second) camp. There are a lot more older kids in this camp. But numbers have been good, and I think they've gone real well."


Admist all of the high school kids roaming around Madison over the past two weeks, the newest Badgers have been arriving on campus to begin summer conditioning.

"I saw Danny Kaye. He walked out to camp the other day. I've seen Roderick Rogers. I just saw Justin Ostrowski down in the locker room," Alvarez said earlier this week. "That's about it I think…some of them will start coming in now."


There have been different rumors running around Madison about the health of Lee Evans. Alvarez said there is nothing indicating Evans is less than on track for full recovery and participation in fall camp.

"He's doing everything with the older guys, plus doing some extra running," Alvarez said. "He's doing some hill running and doing some extra stuff. From what I understand, he's doing pretty well."


In interviews with Alvarez and Offensive Coordinator Brian White earlier this week, both coaches indicated that there are no position changes planned for the beginning of fall camp. Alvarez said the staff is satisfied with where everyone was at the end of spring. White also confirmed the staff plans to go through the season with just two fullbacks on the roster, Matt Bernstein and Greg Root.

"I don't think so right now," Alvarez said about potential position changes. "We experimented with some people in the spring. I don't think there's going to be much experimentation this fall."

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