Homa Planning Summer Visits

Going against Wisconsin commit Chikwe Obasih in practice and on film, Brookfield Central (Wis.) offensive lineman Jacob Homa has certainly gotten noticed. Up to seven scholarship offers, Homa has a busy summer scheduled.

MADISON - Put on the offensive line from the time he started playing, Brookfield Central senior Jacob Homa's football career nearly ended before it started.

Assigned to the offensive line as a freshman, Homa hated it and didn't want to come back. He had the size, but was underweight and completely frustrated.

"It just wasn't much fun," Homa told Badger Nation. "I felt I wanted to do something else."

But with a junior varsity coaching staff he felt somewhat comfortable with, Homa gave football another shot and played on offense, defense and special teams. It was a decision that is going to pay off.

"That was huge for me as far as my development was concerned," said Homa. "I got to play multiple positions and playing just offensive line last year, I couldn't have asked for a better situation because I can go that extra mile. It's a matter of how bad you want to mentally get there and take that next step to become a better athlete."

Homa – 6-5, 270 pounds - has played in an option/wing T and a spread offense during his Brookfield Central tenure, playing primarily in a two-point stance. While Homa feels the two-point stance it easier, allowing him to see the defense move around better, he recognizes that a traditional three-point stance is the next transition he has to make.

"I've grown into the position," said Homa. "I have tried to improve as much as I can. I feel like I am trying to play catch up with some of the guys on the team. At the same time, I feel I have done a pretty good of catching up, even surpassing in some cases. It's a great credit to my coaches."

He also credits the coaching staff for removing all the hate he had for the position by pushing him the summer before his junior season in the weight room.

"I went all in to see what happened," said Homa. "Obviously it worked out pretty well."

Evidentially, as Ball State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Iowa State, Western Michigan, Wyoming and Yale have all offered Homa a scholarship and he has a handful of BCS schools starting to show interest. It's a daunting process, but Homa has relied on good friend, teammate and Wisconsin commit Chikwe Obasih to answer his questions and make him a better player.

"I am constantly asking Chikwe questions of what I can expect," said Homa. "It's a great window to see what I can expect in college because he's a college athlete. It's great to go against him and he knows what he's doing because he's been around the camp circuit. He's always willing to help me improve and give advice. It's been great to have him around because he's been a great learning tool on how to get some exposure for myself."

But while Homa was preparing for the camp circuit, the senior was told by his head coach and his offensive line coach that he should not risk injury during camps, especially considering his offer list and that the Lancers only have five returning offensive linemen next season.

The one advantage Homa has is that Brookfield Central tapes its practices, so he will be able to send new tape out to interested colleges in the month of August.

"If any one of our guys are injured, it will really pose a problem," said Homa. "I am hoping that I can improve this season because it's always my goal to get better each time I step on the field. The goal is to be the best player I can be."

Whatever happens, it appears Wisconsin is not one of the interested parties. With low scholarship numbers on the offensive line position, already having a commitment from Barrington (Ill.) tackle Jack Keeler and offers out to other prospects, Homa is not expecting much from the Badgers.

"They don't have many scholarships to offer, so it's kind of slim pickings for me," said Homa. "For me, Wisconsin is looking kind of bleak, even though that would be the one offer I would probably accept on the spot. Being the home school and close to home, it would be an awesome opportunity and they are a strong program. I have to keep a level head about it and recognize what opportunities are real and what is just talk for now.

"They haven't talked about a grayshirt yet, but I need to rekindle that flame. It's died down a little after the spring evaluation period. I am interested to see how it plays out."

One advantage that Homa has the right recruiting contact, as Wisconsin secondary coach Ben Strickland knows a little bit about the kind of talent Brookfield Central produces.

"It's awesome that he's a former Central athlete," said Homa. "He knows the coaching staff really well and that he has gone through my program and gone through the same kind of trials."

Even though the odds of Homa being offered a scholarship or even a grayshirt opportunity appear slim, his one previous visit to Wisconsin was memorable for the way offensive line coach Mike Markuson helped him with his game.

"Coach Markuson is a great guy and I really appreciate him," said Homa. "When I was there he took me in to the film room to show me how he grades film from practice. He explained to me what he's looking for and different things he's trying to correct. That was really nice that he did that for me and it was a great teaching tool. I am hoping that will make me improve."

Planning visits to Ball State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan Iowa State, Michigan State and Western Michigan this summer, Homa is hoping to decide on a school by early September so he can put his focus back on his team, which is looking for a second straight Greater Metro Conference title.

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