Wisconsin Offer for Evans

Since arriving to Wisconsin before high school, Craig Evans has always been a man of big stature. That stature grew a little bit bigger on Tuesday, as the junior defensive tackle from Sun Prairie picked up a Wisconsin scholarship offer following camp.

MADISON - From the time Craig Evans migrated from Mississippi to Sun Prairie prior to his high school freshman year, Wisconsin, the massive 6-3, 305-pound defensive tackle has been turning heads.

"The first time I saw him I thought he was a senior," said Sun Prairie head football coach Brian Kaminski. "I get phone calls saying he was a giant walking around with these eighth graders."

Evans became even more popular Tuesday, picking up a Wisconsin scholarship offer to go along with his offers from Michigan State, Nebraska and Pittsburgh.

"Wisconsin had been talking to me a lot before camp and I thought I showed the staff what I can do on the field," said Evans, admitting that he really likes Wisconsin. "Coach (Bret) Bielema sat down with me and said they were offering and that they really wanted me there."

The size Evans projects would make many assume he's a run stopper, but Kaminski said Evans has light enough feet to move up and down the line of scrimmage. Even more telling is that Evans has a frame that will potentially allow him to get stronger as he gets older.

"He can push people around when he wants to and when he pushes them aside and the player is going the other way, he can chase them down from behind," said Kaminski. "He made a number of players for us that way last year by catching the running back from behind or creating a fumble. He's tough to run at."

Evans has begun building his frame for the next level – adding 20 pounds since his sophomore season – and he's begun building his academic standing, as well. Struggling his first season academically after making the transition from the south, Evans has improved his academic standings enough where the Badgers felt comfortable offering.

"He's done a good job of buckling down the past year and being committed to that as well," said Kaminski. "He needs to be successful on and off the football field, which is a big part of growing up, and he's doing a good job of that."

Evans plans a trip to Texas A&M for a summer camp and potentially another college camp down the road. While Wisconsin ranks high on his list, Kaminski believes Evans will take some time before coming to a decision.

"I know he likes Wisconsin a lot and that he gets along well with the coaching staff," said Kaminski. "It's nice that he's close to the campus so he can go to a Badgers football game whenever compared to other campuses. It's been a great experience for him and they have a great program after going to back-to-back programs. He has a lot of respect for coach Bielema and coach Charlie Partridge.

"He's going to let it soak in, not take anything for granted and he'll make his decision when he knows he finds the right place. He's a junior, so there's not any rush, but I know he wants to be involved in this recruiting process."

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