A Big Ten Summer

Mequon Homestead (Wis.) junior defensive tackle Brandon Hines has had a busy summer building his relationship and resume with Big Ten coaches with multiple summer camp stops, including one at Wisconsin.

MADISON - In what is quickly becoming one of best in-state football classes the state of Wisconsin has had, Mequon Homestead (Wis.) junior Brandon Hines is starting to build his repertoire among Big Ten coaches.

In addition to stops at Michigan and Michigan State, Hines took in the one-day camp at Wisconsin's second high school summer camp to continue building his relationship with defensive line coach Charlie Partridge and recruiting contact Ben Strickland.

Hines recaps his camp and his summer with Badger Nation.

Badger Nation: I heard you camped at Wisconsin, so can you tell me how that went?

Hines: It went well, I was there for a one day. I was alright, got hit in my knee at Michigan and I had a brace but I still did pretty decent.

Badger Nation: How is your relationship with Wisconsin's defensive line coach Charlie Partridge?

Hines: I like him, he's a very good coach and I hope to keep building a relationship with him as I go on in my recruiting process.

Badger Nation: Did you happen to talk to head coach Brett Bielema while you were there?

Hines: No, I didn't get a chance to speak with him.

Badger Nation: Did the staff say what you need to do to get an offer from them?

Hines: They didn't say anything specific. They just want me to keep working on my game. One of the things (coach Partridge) said he loves about me is my overall power and that if I just need to shoot my hands and remember to get in the o-line's chest.

Badger Nation: Anything more updates for your summer plans?

Hines: I might camp at Minnesota on July 22nd.

Badger Nation: I know it is early, but do you have a top list yet or you still wide open?

Hines: (Laughter) Wide open. I'd prefer to play on the west coast.

Badger Nation: After hearing that, then will distance not be a factor to you?

Hines: Maybe for my parents, but not for me at all.

Badger Nation: Last thing, tell us one thing Brandon Hines' fans don't know about him besides being a great football player?

Hines: This is odd but I collect and resell sneakers. I have about 20 pairs now and I make a pretty fair salary reselling shoes. For people who don't understand: .a shoe comes out, it's very limited and not many people get them. With supply and demand in effect the resell value goes up, usually 70-300 dollars profit per shoe. But a month ago I got my hands on a couple pairs of a really rare release and resold for nearly 3,500 for the pair and only paid 500 so that's my second passion. I want to major in business management in college.

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