Badger Nation Roundtable: Tight Ends

The Badger Nation Roundtable discusses another question: The Badgers struggled considerably at the tight end position in 2002. Will the problem at tight end be solved?

Jonathan Linder: I think so. The Badgers had miserly production here last year, but there will be a lot of competition for playing time and with all the skill position talent elsewhere, Wisconsin can afford to have their tight end be a glorified sixth lineman. Bob Docherty has so much talent, but we'll have to see if he can put it together. Tony Paciotti is solid and Mark Bell or Jason Pociask could step up.

Ronny Whitworth: I'm not so sure the problems will be solved. But I'm not so sure it matters much either. Tony Paciotti and Jason Pociask looked solid during the spring, and if Bob Docherty doesn't regain his passion for the game, he will spend the season watching from the bench. Owen Daniels is an intriguing prospect at tight end, but without the spring practices under his belt to adjust to the drastically different position, he can't be expected to make much of an impact this season. With so much talent in the backfield and receiving corps, UW simply needs its tight ends to be serviceable.

Arvind Gopalratnam: Problems at the tight end position have been a concern entering fall camp for the past few years. It's hard to say that these problems will be resolved this year more than any other because, it still doesn't appear as if UW has exceptional talent and dedication from the players at the position to make a huge difference. But if there is any position where mediocrity and being average is more than acceptable, it's at tight end. Consistency on a weekly basis is an important facet of the UW offense.

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