Azzanni Building Relationship with Sorrell

At a school known for developing tight ends into NFL quality products, wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni has already started building a relationship with Middleton (OH) High junior tight end Chance Sorrell.

MADISON - Since the days of Barry Alvarez, the Badgers seem to always produce some of the best tight ends in the Big Ten and the nation. The 2014 class is rapidly approaching with the 2013 class seemingly being almost complete, including having a verbal commitment from Pewaukee (Wis.) tight end T.J. Watt.

It should come as no surprise that Wisconsin is again targeting big physical tight ends that can not only block well, but also slip out in the secondary and create mismatches. The state of Ohio has exactly that in 6-6, 230-pound Middleton High junior tight end Chance Sorrell.

This big physical standout made a Midwest swing this summer and felt he made a great showing at all of the camps he attended, but that didn't stop him from learning more.

"My summer has been going good and I went to six football camps that included Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin," Sorrell told Badger Nation. "I have no offers yet, but I have met with Tennessee for a follow up and I'm meeting with Michigan for a follow up this Friday. I think I performed very well at the camps. I learned that one of the things that I need to focus on and work on is route running. I also need to work on my speed (he runs a 4.9 forty time) and flexibility."

One of the stops on his Midwest tour was attending Wisconsin's high school summer camp and building a relationship with wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni.

"It was a good camp," said Sorrell. "It had contact, so Ohio players could not participate in certain drills. The first half of the day was testing drills and the second half of the day was position specific drills along with 7 on 7s.

"My recruiting coach is Coach Azzanni, or Coach "Z," and they want me to get back up for a couple of games. Our relationship is good. We stay in touch, but Wisconsin is so far away that it is hard to set up visits or meetings."

Will Sorrell start to hit the brakes with slowing down with all of these visits and turn his attention to his upcoming season? Well, it seems he still has a few travel plans already in mind, but nothing set in stone.

"I would like to go to a few games at Tennessee and a few games at Michigan. I really like to try to focus on the six schools I went too, but I'm open to others that show interest like Cincinnati or Indiana or something like that, but nothing planned at the moment."

While it would be accurate to say Ohio State was the favorite team growing up, it wouldn't be accurate to say that anymore. Even with all the pressure living in the Buckeye State, it still hasn't gotten to Sorrell, especially since he h even having their hated rival in his top group.

"Growing up in Ohio, I loved Ohio State, but I think my favorite team now is tied between Michigan and Tennessee. A lot of flack that I have gotten has started because of Michigan, but a lot of people like Tennessee here, as well. My top three are Michigan, Tennessee and Ohio State."

Most tight ends nowadays have to do everything and Sorrell has the whole package in his game. Aside from playing like a modern day tight end, he has some big goals for him personally going into his upcoming season.

"Well, I was always one of the best blockers at each camp and I'm very strong," Sorrell said. "I would describe my game as physical, but I can also catch very well. It is all a matter of how many routes I get this year and how many times I am able to get thrown to. My goals is to catch a few passes in each game, but my personal goal is to not to drop any passes this season and hopefully become all conference. I would also like to get to a steady weight of 240 by the end of the season."

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