End of the Line for Brennan?

With Danny O'Brien, Curt Phillips and Joel Stave all taking steps forward and Joe Brennan falling behind, it's been hinted the redshirt sophomore quarterback might be leaving the program.

MADISON - With their first week of fall camp coming to a close, Bret Bielema will put his Wisconsin football team through its first days of double practices.

"I dismissed the team and said ‘welcome to the grind,'" said Bielema. "This is what we're all about. Who is going to be able to recover in the afternoon? Be smart, get off your legs, recover and come back this evening with a little bit of juice to you.

"It'll be interesting to see how guys can mentally concentrate after a good two-hour plus practice this morning and going into an hour and a half tonight … I think it tells guys that we're all in (and) this is the way Wisconsin football gets better."

The question is whether or not Joe Brennan is going to be all in with Wisconsin in the coming days.

Addressing reporters following Wisconsin's Saturday morning practice, Bielema mentioned how Danny O'Brien, Curt Phillips and Joel Stave each had a practice over the past week where they, ‘stepped to the forefront.'

"Over the last three or four years, we had a clearly defined one (quarterback) and that was it," said Bielema. "We really haven't had the depth that we have right now, which is a good thing."

Again for the second straight day, Bielema did not mention redshirt sophomore quarterback Joe Brennan, who was the number two quarterback behind Russell Wilson last season but failed to take steps forward in the spring.

Bielema said that Brennan is behind the rest of the group and that his future is being discussed.

"Joey and I had a conversation last night and we're going to talk over exactly where he is at tomorrow," said Bielema."We're going to have a personnel meeting on Sunday and after that one, there are guys on our roster that if they are not where they want to be I am sure some decision will have to be made."

Ball Update

After their Heisman Trophy finalist for their third straight practice, the Badgers and Bielema are still being cautious with Montee Ball, who will be in half pads until Monday due to NCAA rules.

When he does return, Bielema will have Ball in a green ‘no-contact' jersey to save him from unnecessary punishment.

"We'll probably do a scrimmage situation about 10 days out from our opener and might get him involved in that if he is ready," said Bielema. "If he's not, we'll just wait to game week."

Wozniak Taking Strides

Entering his third year in the program that is known for tight ends, one would think Brian Wozniak would have racked up the receptions and accolades over his career. But with a laundry list of injuries including a broken shoulder and problems with his groin, hamstring, ankle and knee, Wozniak has yet to make a reception and has been stuck on special teams.

"To this point, he's had a really good camp," said Bielema. "The net thing is he doesn't want to give anything to (Jacob Pedersen). Those two guys have a nice little competition. You throw (Sam) Arneson in there, we've always had good tight ends but I don't know if we have three quality guys as good as we've got right now."

Bielema also highlighted junior Brock DeCicco and redshirt freshman Austin Traylor as players who are contributing, giving UW a solid tight end group.

Fresh Faces

Listing off players like Vonte Jackson (running back), Reggie Love (wide receiver), Reggie Mitchell (cornerback), Joe Schobert (safety/special teams) and Dan Voltz (center/guard), it appears Wisconsin has a number of true freshmen who could contribute as early as this season.

Another one of those players is the naturally-aggressive linebacker Vince Biegel, a four-star recruit out of Wisconsin Rapids.

"He's very, very athletic," said Bielema. "I would say during my time of being here, he's probably as athletic of a linebacker that has the length. Chris (Borland) and some of those guys are very good athletes, but they don't have the length that Vince has."

Wisconsin will start Biegel as an outside linebacker and could help boost the Badgers' pass rush.

"I know he is under the offensive guys' skin because he can make some plays," said Bielema. "He goes 100 miles per hour every play whether it's the first play, a repeat or whatever it is … We'll put our best pass rushers out there."

Extra Points: Chris Borland, David Gilbert, Curt Phillips, Devin Smith and Mike Taylor will likely be held out of the evening practice for precautions … Linebacker Cody Byers will be reinstated on the 105-man roster after walk-on linebacker Ben Ruechel rolled his knee during practice and underwent an MRI … Bielema has liked what sophomore receiver/kick returner Kenzel Doe has brought to the receiving group in terms of speed and changing directions.

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