BN Roundtable: Shutdown Corner?

The Badger Nation Roundtable meets to discuss a comment made by an anonymous coach in The Sporting News College Football Preview.

An anonymous coach in The Sporting News College Football Preview also Wisconsin doesn't have a "shutdown corner?" Do you agree or disagree with his assessment?

Jonathan Linder: I agree wholeheartedly. Shutdown corners are a breed apart, like a Jamar Fletcher or a Charles Woodson. Few teams have a real shutdown corner, someone who opposing quarterbacks do their best to avoid all game long. Scott Starks is a playmaker, Brett Bell is going to be a pleasant surprise this season, and Levonne Rowan (who shouldn't be counted out as a starter) and Chuckie Cowans are as talented as any reserves out there. However, none of the Badgers corners is going to lock onto an opponent's top receiver and manhandle him, like Fletcher did week-in and week-out. The only Big Ten corners that fit that bill are Ohio State's Chris Gamble and Michigan's Marlin Jackson.

Ronny Whitworth: The coach is right on. The Badgers simply don't have a shutdown corner. Scott Starks and Brett Bell are very capable if playing on top of their game, but the consistency just isn't there. That was shown over and over again during the spring, when the highly-touted UW receiving corps frequently got the best of their teammates. The UW staff might look for help from Roderick Rogers to give new DB Coach Ron Lee another weapon in the secondary. But as it stands right now, the Badgers don't have an elite cornerback.

Arvind Gopalratnam: As of today, the Badgers still don't have a big-time shutdown corner, someone who can intimidate quarterbacks the moment he steps on the field. A shutdown corner is someone that consistently breaks up plays, prevents big plays, and can force turnovers unlike many others. Since the departure of Jamar Fletcher a few years ago, the Badgers have lacked that dominance at cornerback. The Badgers do have a very solid corner in Scott Starks, but his consistency will need to improve to warrant the title given to only the elite defensive backs in the game.

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