Duckworth Building his Resume

Even with one quarterback already in the fold for the class of 2014, Wisconsin football is still keeping its eyes on junior signal callers, including Louisville (OH) junior Joey Duckworth.

MADISON - Even though the Badgers already landed a commitment from quarterback Chance Stewart in the 2014 class, the Wisconsin coaching staff is keeping their options open. The Badgers, along with Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State and Purdue, are all taking an early look at 6-3, 195-pound junior quarterback Joey Duckworth from Louisville (OH) High.

"Right now those five schools are sending me information and questionnaires because I think that's the only thing they can send me right now," Duckworth told Badger Nation. "It's a good start for me."

Like most high school kids, Duckworth had a busy summer hitting the football camps and trying to get noticed by college coaches. Duckworth attended camps at Pittsburgh, Bowling Green, Penn State, Toledo and Ohio State twice this summer.

"I went to the Ohio State Friday Night Lights camp this past July and I thought that was pretty cool," Duckworth said. "I thought I competed and played well at the camp.

"Overall at all of the football camps I attended I thought I played pretty well for most of them. But at the camps I was working a lot on my drop backs because in college, quarterbacks usually have their hands under center. I felt like I picked up the drops relatively quick even though it was new to me. I'm confident that when I do get to college that will be an easy transition for me."

With Duckworth practicing his drop backs and the physical side of the position, he has also been trying to improve the mental side of playing quarterback.

"From my last season to this coming football season I've been trying to improve my ability to read defenses," Duckworth said. "I've been watching film and seeing what defenses present. If I can get the mental part down of the game I think I can become a much better quarterback."

Duckworth currently holds three MAC offers from Buffalo, Bowling Green and Toledo with the latter two showing him the most interest so far. Even though Duckworth doesn't currently hold any BCS offers, he knows what he can do to generate his first Big Ten offer.

"It's kind of hard to tell when and if a school from the Big Ten will offer me but offers should start to come if I have a successful season at quarterback," Duckworth said.

Duckworth is excited for this coming football season to get started so he can show how he improved this past summer and to see how successful his high school team can be.

"I think we'll have a successful season we are adjusting to a new offense where will go five wide," Duckworth said. "So it may take us sometime to get use to the new offense but I'm confident we will. But were going to try and throw the football like 40 times a game and I'm excited about that."

Ohio Recruiting Analyst Bill Greene's Evaluation: Duckworth showed promise when inserted as the starter late in the 2011 season. Since then, he has added 15-pounds of muscle, adding velocity to his throws. Duckworth also ran a 4.6 forty-yard dash for Toledo, showing quicker than expected foot speed. He is poised for a big junior year at Louisville in 2012. Duckworth is a big, strong quarterback, with an accurate arm and smooth delivery.

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