FSNextTV: Gault Starts Junior Season

MONONA - Kicking off the season with a stern test against three time defending division 2 champion Waunakee, Monona Grove High school junior left tackle and Wisconsin commit Jaden Gault showed why so many schools were anxious to offer him early.

Analysis: Jaden Gault is listed at 6-7 and 294 pounds and he appeared every bit of that on Friday night in the season opener. Going up against three time defending division 2 champions Waunakee, Monona Grove attacked the Warriors' secondary to the tune of 389 passing yards. Because of that, MG attempted only 22 runs and we didn't get to see Gault do much run blocking. When he did, however, his strength and punch off the line was no match for undersized defenders, especially in a red-zone or goal-line situation.

Gault's pass blocking is pretty good for a high school player one game into his junior season. Going against a 6-6, 215-pound defensive end for the majority of the game, Gault utilized his upper body strength to neutralize multiple threats, as he didn't allow any sacks or quarterback hurries from his left tackle spot. His footwork was pretty good and so was his awareness, as he picked up a handful of blitzes to afford his quarterback more time and notched a couple impressive pancake and cut blocks.

The biggest areas where Gault needs to improve are in his strength, first step and endurance. A couple times watching him he got the upper hand initially, but lost his blocker after a couple of seconds and watched him make the tackle. He also got called for a holding penalty on third-and-2 inside the five-yard line when his defender disengaged.

"A couple plays here and there I'd take back, but I thought I played well," said Gault. "There are lots of things I can work on. It's a good start."

He's only one game into his junior season, but Gault has all the intangibles and tremendous upside when he gets to Wisconsin in two years, likely starting out at an interior line position.

Jaden Gault No.77

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