Plenty to Say about Wisconsin

Spending three days on Wisconsin's campus, Plantation (Fla.) cornerback Sojourn Shelton saw plenty of things and talked to plenty of people that have him excited about what the Badgers program can offer him.

MADISON-With such high expectations for his first visit to the University of Wisconsin, Plantation (Fla.) cornerback Sojourn Shelton was not disappointed after returning home.

"I would give my visit an A+++," Shelton told Badger Nation. "My dad loved it, my mom loved it and I loved it. It was just a great experience. My dad and my mom got their questions answered. I was able to get my questions answered it was perfect. We just pretty much asked coach (Bret) Bielema about football, academics and the advisors. I also was able to learn a little bit more about Bielema's background as a coach and it was impressive. We definitely had a good talk."

While Shelton was in Madison, there was no time for rest with Shelton anxious to see what the campus had to offer.

"There's a lot to do in Madison," Shelton said. "I was able to hang around Montee Ball, James White and Hugs Etienne. They just showed me around the Madison campus and what's to do. I got to eat at a bunch of restaurants in Madison. Just being able to see Madison was awesome. I also got to experience State Street. It was just a lot of fun."

Shelton was hosted by Etienne, the true freshman cornerback who enrolled in January and, not surprisingly, also is from Plantation, Florida.

"Hugs did a good job of hosting," Shelton said. "I talked to him about his transition from high school to college. I asked him what he took advantage of by enrolling early because I want to enroll early as well. I wanted to know how he did learning the playbook and just how he adjusted to college life. He just had positive things to say about Madison. I can trust what he says cause were both from Plantation. He also told me how the days are longer because you have to be able to balance school and football. But he told me that he was able to adjust to that pretty well."

Even though Shelton was hosted by Etienne and was able to spend time with Ball and White, he was able to interact with everybody on the team.

"I talked with Marcus Cromartie and we had a good talk. I introduced myself to pretty much everybody. I also was able to talk with Devin (Gaulden) who's also from Florida. We talked a little bit and he told me that he likes Madison and that it didn't take him long to get use to the winters. I pretty much know all of the defensive backs on the team and I got to talk to each of them a little bit.

"Everyone on the team was extremely nice. Even though we're competing together for playing time, we're still a family. I can tell that the defensive backs get a long well, the defensive line, and just everybody on the team likes each other. It was nice to see that and they opened their arms to me, which was awesome."

Besides Shelton wanting to talk with the defensive backs, he was also looking forward to meeting the Badgers defensive lineman.

"I think I talked to pretty much all of the defensive lineman on the team but I talked with David Gilbert the longest," Shelton said. "He was just saying that he has really enjoyed his time in Madison so far and what the defensive line tries to do. I wanted to talk to the defensive line because the defensive line helps out the defensive backs a lot. If the line can generate a pass rush it can make my job and the corners job a lot easier in the game."

Although the game was a lot closer then most fans would have liked against Northern Iowa, Shelton came away impressed with the atmosphere for the game and he thought the Badgers' defense did play a solid game.

"The atmosphere for the game was amazing (and) the fans were really into the game," Shelton said. "I heard so many great things about Madison and I was able to interact with some of the fans. They were amazing and they were extremely nice to me. It was awesome seeing the sea of read around Camp Randall and to see all the red in the stadium.

"I thought the defense played well in the game for three quarters and then in the fourth they struggled a little. The defense did have two busts in coverage and I don't know if that was due to rust or what, but the fans don't always understand what goes on in the game. It's hard to know why there were busts if it was miscommunication or what but there will be busts in coverage every once in a while. I know they will get it fixed for later on in the season. Fans still have to remember it's the first game, but it was great to watch the defensive backs play and to see what they were doing. Everyone was flying to the football."

Defensive line coach Charlie Partridge is Shelton's recruiting coordinator at Wisconsin, and Shelton had a good one-on-one visit with him.

"It was great talking with coach Partridge," Shelton said. "He's a great guy. He talked about what he likes in my game and he talks about how long my arms are and that they want me to come here. He also gave me a little more of his background information."

Many fans thought Shelton was going to commit to Wisconsin this weekend and while he was tempted to pull the trigger, according to Shelton, he decided to wait.

"I got a chance to talk with coach Bielema and the rest of the coaching staff," Shelton said. "I wanted to see what Wisconsin was about but I didn't feel pressured to commit this weekend, which I appreciated. I know how they feel about me. I want to take other visits, but it was hard for me not to commit because I can definitely see me playing there. My mom enjoyed the visit and she knows I'll be in good hands in Madison if I do play for the Badgers."

With Shelton wanting to schedule other visits, he still needs to figure out where he wants to visit and when he can make his visits.

"I'm planning on visiting Nebraska and I could visit them when they play the Badgers in September but well see where else I go I need to figure that out," Shelton said.

Besides getting to meet the Badger players and getting to know the coaching staff better, Shelton was also able to interact with some current members of the 2013 recruiting class.

"I talked to Chikwe Obasih and Alec James," Shelton said. "We just talked about visits and they were trying to persuade me to come to Wisconsin. Both seem to be real good guys. I know Chikwe from ‘The Opening' that we both participated in this summer. Chikwe was telling me that we have to keep the winning tradition alive at Wisconsin. We had a good discussion we also talked about why he chose Wisconsin and what his recruitment was like."

Shelton was happy with how he played in ‘The Opening' and he was very happy he was able to participate in the camp.

"It was my goal to get there because kids from Florida that I knew competed in The Opening and it became a goal of mine to be able to compete at the camp," Shelton said. "When I got the invite I knew my hard work was paying off. While I was there I was able to meet some great guys. I wish I could participate in the opening again cause I would do it in a heartbeat."

If the number one thing Shelton was looking forward to in his visit to Wisconsin was just being able to see the campus. Then being able to witness and participate in Camp Randall's tradition ‘Jump Around' was a close second.

"My mom and I watched ‘Jump Around' last week on the computer when they played Nebraska a year ago," Shelton said. "While watching it on YouTube, my mom and I started jumping together because it just got us so pumped. At the game it was just awesome to see that many fans jumping around even when it was a small game. It's hard to imagine what it would be like to witness jump around live when they play Ohio State or Nebraska. It also was extremely fun to be able to participate in it for the first time. But when I got on the plane this morning I listened to ‘Jump Around' like 15 times straight and it just got me so pumped every time I heard it."

After originally committing to Florida State, Shelton wants to make sure he makes the correct decision the second time around.

"If I had to make a choice right now it would be Wisconsin hands down," Shelton said. "I see myself a Badger but that could be in a week or a month. Another reason I didn't commit this weekend was because I don't want to de-commit again. When I make my decision I want it to be final and I want to be comfortable with my choice."

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