BN Roundtable: Jim Leonhard

The Badger Nation Roundtable meets to discuss whether Jim Leonhard can repeat his dream season.

Badger Nation Roundtable Question: Is Jim Leonhard for real? Or should Badger fans prepare themselves for a letdown from last year's dream season?

Ronny Whitworth: I pity any opponent that gameplans with the notion that Jim Leonhard isn't for real. Leonhard is one of the greatest stories in the recent history of UW athletics. Last season almost seemed too good to be true, but Leonhard earned everything that came his way. He is simply an unbelievable athlete that was completely overlooked by every major college program in the country as a high school senior. Coach Barry Alvarez and his staff counts its lucky stars every day that he fell into the Badgers' laps. Leonhard is for real.

Arvind Gopalratnam: First off, I am one of the biggest Jim Leonhard fans out there and I am very proud to cheer for a player with such dedication, desire and will to improve and make his team better. It's hard to top a season like he had a year ago, but don't think he can't have a comparable one. Sure he was in the right place at the right time for a few of his turnovers, but a lot of that is preparing and priming himself to be in a position to make a play on the ball. People, Leonhard is for real. He is a tribute to the hard-working, good-natured student-athlete.

Jonathan Linder: The cornucopia of interceptions may not repeat itself, but Leonhard is for real. He is tough, fast, athletic, deft and fearless. What more can you ask for? He is a truly special player. Forget letdown, Leonhard is my pick for Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year.

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