Big Ten Kickoff: Barry Alvarez Verbatim, Part 1

The 32nd annual Big Ten Conference Football Kickoff Luncheon commenced Wednesday morning at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. Here is the first part of UW coach Barry Alvarez's opening statement to the media.

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Good morning. A little bit about our football team—first of all we are still a young football team yet we are very experienced. What we tried to do since the Alamo Bowl on was use that game and the momentum we received from that game to carry that through  the offseason in the spring and in the summer. We really like the way our players competed in that game. If you remember a year ago one of my biggest concerns was having 13 regular season games with a young team was that they wouldn't run out of gas. I was really proud—we did a nice job—our young players really improved as the season went on.


I'm very pleased with the progress. I think young teams have more room to improve than veteran teams. We have more potential to get stronger and to get a better feel for what it takes to be successful in the Big Ten.


First of all of with our offense, we probably have the deepest group of receivers that we have ever had. Starting with the return of Lee Evans. By all indications he is 100 percent. He has worked out this summer. We are really proud of him because he could have done some things this spring though we obviously held him out. I expect him to be 100 percent and we add one of the best football players in the country and one of best receivers, obviously, that is going to have quite an impact on our football team.


Brandon Williams and Jonathon Orr are two freshman, they were freshman a year ago, both caught about 50 balls for us. They are really big play performers. And add Darrin Charles, a 6-7 receiver, who has been injuring plagued throughout the year but he had the tremendous Bowl game and we are hoping he can pick up where he left off. So I really feel good with the depth that we have at wide receiver.


We probably have as good a group of running backs as we have had in a while and as you all know, we have had our share of outstanding running backs. Anthony Davis has had two 1,500-yard rushing seasons. He is coming back, he is much stronger, bigger than he has been. I've been very impressed with Dwayne Smith. He had a very productive freshman year, a local young man from Chicago here. I saw tremendous improvement from the end of the season through spring practice and I'm really expecting him to have a breakout year.

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