Another Impressive Trip for Nachtigal

Making his third trip up to Wisconsin, Fort Atkinson (Wis.) High junior receiver James Nachtigal was once again impressed by the experience given to him by the Badgers coaching staff.

MADISON - The Badgers prevailed easily over Minnesota with a 38-13 victory and had many visitors come to take in the game day experience. Fort Atkinson (Wis.) High junior wide receiver James Nachtigal was there to see the dismantling the Badgers displayed and the 6-2, 205-pound athlete left very excited.

"My visit was good," Nachtigal told Badger Nation. "It was fun to see Wisconsin win the axe again. I'd say that Wisconsin is my leader. It's obviously been my favorite school since I was a kid, so it is my number one."

It can be a lot for prospects on a game day to see the band play the fight song, the home team ran on to the field and the crowd roar for their beloved school, but Nachtigal thought the highlight of the day was getting that time with defensive backs coach Ben Strickland and linebackers coach Andy Buh.

"Now that I know them it is cool to see how we have a kind of built a relationship," Nachtigal said. "I can just casually hold a conversation with them now. Our relationship is good, I'd say. I've really gotten to know Coach Strickland a lot because he is the recruiting coach for the Wisconsin area and we email back and forth."

After having his season end in the first round of the WIAA playoffs, falling in a 38-14 upset at home to DeForest, Nachtigal was able to be cheered up by an outstanding visit.

"I'd really have to give to it a 10," said Nachtigal. "I mean getting to go see a Badgers game to begin with is worthy of a 10 simply because it is so much fun. Knowing that they are potentially looking at you to play there is just the greatest feeling ever. I mean I can't really explain how good it really feels."

During these visits, it is not uncommon for many of these prospects to talk to one another about school, how their team is doing and how they feel about the college. Nachtigal got to sit next to some prospects and get there take on the Badgers, as well.

"Yeah I sat next to two kids from Brookfield Central – Chikwe Obasih and Luke Rasmussen," said Nachtigal. "It was just causal small talk and they seem to be enjoying it, too."

Going forward, the junior wide receiver is making a return trip back to Madison and it could come very soon.

"Well, they asked me to come to the Michigan State game next week," Nachtigal said, "but as of now that is all I know."

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