A Surprised Result

On his final official visit, Loyola (Ca.) cornerback Cameron Walker was given a lot to think about after his impressive trip to the University of Wisconsin.

MADISON - Wisconsin fell short to No.6 Ohio State in overtime, but that didn't ruin a lot of the experiences recruits got to take with Camp Randall's atmosphere at a season best. Loyola (Ca.) senior cornerback Cameron Walker made the long journey and came away impressed.

"I liked it a lot more than I thought I would," Walker told Badger Nation. "Everything from the coaches and players to campus life and academics was great. I think my favorite thing was the gameday environment, though. The ‘Jump Around' was wild, too, and everything around me was shaking."

The 5-11 Walker was not the only prospect on hand to see the Badgers' home finale but even with so many prospects on hands, he got some time to chat with the recruiting contact Andy Buh, defensive coordinator Chris Ash, secondary coach Ben Strickland and head coach Bret Bielema.

"All of them were just putting things in perspective and explaining their individual philosophies,: said Walker, "the program and Madison in general, what I could expect from them, what they could expect from me, their coaching styles and how I fit in."

While the coaching staff was explaining their program, the commits were putting on the pressure.

"Everyone was trying to get me to commit," Walker said with a laugh. "They were cool people and I liked them, too. I was with Jazz Peavy, Tiquention Coleman, Rob Wheelwright and Marcus Ball. Some were trying to get me to commit and then the others were just talking to me about random things, mostly non-football related."

A three-star cornerback ranked No.49 in the country at the position by Scout.com, Walker is done with his visits, having also taken officials to California and Boise State in October. Originally hoping to decide by Thanksgiving, Walker will push back his time table.

"It will probably take longer than Thanksgiving," said Walker. "I'm not trying to rush it because it is an important decision to do that. I have a top three and no leader because if I had a leader, then I would be committed somewhere.

"California, Boise State, and Wisconsin are my top three. I'm about to make a pros and cons list for each school, see which pros of one school outweigh another school, do the same with the cons and see how many there are for each."

Lastly, Walker gave a short answer, but a strong one to say how big of an impact this visit made on him.

"A pretty big one for sure."

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