Shelton Reacts to the Changes

Recruiting by Charlie Partridge, the Wisconsin defensive line coach who accepted the same job at Arkansas Saturday, South Plantation (Fla.) cornerback and Wisconsin commit Sojourn Shelton reacts to all the coaching changes and gives the status on his commitment.

MADISON - The Wisconsin coaching staff took another hit Saturday losing defensive line coach Charlie Partridge to Arkansas. Not only a phenomenal defensive line coach, Partridge was pivotal in putting the 2013 recruiting class together, including his recruitment of South Plantation (FL.) cornerback Sojourn Shelton.

Shelton let it be known that Coach Partridge was a big part of him going to Wisconsin, so how is this all sitting him?

"I am just in shock, a lot of shock to be honest with you," Shelton told Badger Nation shortly after the news broke. "That is definitely somebody I respected, but I can say that I had seen it coming. Once I saw the coaching staff start to fall off, I had expected it and have seen it now. I was looking forward to next week. Coach Partridge came to my school last week to talk to me about Wisconsin.

"It is just a huge shocker, but I am going to take it slow and see what happens next. I really want to see what all is going on with who the next head coach is coming in. I will take in where ever it goes from there."

The No. 74 ranked cornerback in the nation and three-star rated playmaker goes into detail on what his status is on his commitment and the possibility of him de-committing.

"I am still solid, but I will look around with some schools wanting me to come up there to see them. I will look around, but I am still solid and see where it goes from there. It is a business and I am going to take the process like it is. I mean I don't see myself de-committing to be honest with you. I really don't see myself doing that, but it could be a process that I take slow and look into. I want to see who the next head coach is, but I honestly don't see myself de-committing. It is something that could happen because everybody that recruited me left. We will just see.

"I don't have any visits planned as of right now. As of right now I don't want to jump the gun and name the schools, but they are saying come visit, check us out and need my ability on their team. They have seen my senior highlights tape and want me to come visit. Whenever I make that decision of if I want to make any visits, I will let you know.

"I am still confident and a lot of schools are working with me with my philosophy of being patience and waiting for Coach Alvarez on naming that next head coach. This is a big hit. I was waiting for Coach Alvarez and Coach Partridge on the other schools, but this is a big hit. We will take it from there."

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