Hemer Could Join his Brother

Knowing the advantages the Wisconsin walk-on program provides thanks to his older brother, Ethan, Medford (Wis.) senior lineman Ben Hemer is looking closesly at the three time defending Big Ten Champions.

MADISON - With Wisconsin having is man in Gary Andersen, the Badgers can now turn their attention to recruitingand building their walk-on program. One guy that might not have the high ranking or big name coming out of high school is Medford (Wis.) senior lineman Ben Hemer. Hemer went out on a high note with his team making a good run in the playoffs and playing at a high level for his last hurrah.

"My senior year we went to the third round of the playoffs, but we were co-conference champs with Mosinee," Hemer told Badger Nation. "We had a pretty outstanding year for the program at Medford and it was really a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun with my team and the senior class. I am really going to miss it."

While Medford had a impressive and winning season, the offers haven't rolled in for the 6-6, 250-pound lineman. However, he does holds a spot to be on many teams including the Badgers.

"My recruitment is going good," Hemer said. "The schools showing me interest are Wisconsin, North Dakota State, Illinois State, Western Illinois and Holy Cross. Holy Cross is my only full ride. Those are my top five showing me the most interest. There are a couple other division two schools also talking to me. The ones that have offered me so far is Wisconsin. They offered me a walk-on offer and I have an official visit scheduled in January sometime. It was in December, but they decided to move it back because the whole coaching situation. Illinois State also wants to get me in January to visit, so I am excited for both of those."

Coming in to last summer as an unknown to many, the versatile Hemer opened some eyes when he displayed his talent at the Wisconsin's high school summer camp, showing he could be a commodity on either side of the football.

"Basically going into the summer training program in June, Wisconsin started talking and said I could either play offensive line or defensive line or whatever our needs are come fall," Hemer said. "It basically sounded like they wanted me to come in and see how the visit goes in January. I am excited to meet the new coaches and everything. (Andersen) sounds like a really great guy and I watched the press conference with him and Coach Alvarez. He looks like he puts the players first and that is very appetizing from a player's standpoint. They have a really good walk-on program and have had a lot of guys with success through that. It just sounds like a really great opportunity to me."

The younger brother of former walk-on and current junior defensive tackle, Ethan Hemer, Ben Hemer not only grew up around Badger Country, but was born into a Badgers family, as well.

"The 80,000 fans each week is really neat and how their fan base is amazing," he said. "The fan base travels very well and the coaches are really nice. They are bringing in some new guys and I got to meet them. It is just a great atmosphere and I have been to games before, so I have seen everybody being crazy and it looks so much fun. The team is always competitive. They are also getting a new locker and weight room. It just all sounds top in the nation. Wisconsin was my favorite school growing up. My family has always been a fan of Wisconsin and my mom graduated from there. My family just loves to follow Wisconsin and they always are winning. The bowl games we always watch and we don't have any other division one schools in the state, so other than Wisconsin there is only Minnesota as the other option, but who wants to root for them, you know?"

What are the chances we could see the in-state prospect suit in a Wisconsin uniform next season?

"I think it is up there. I am almost considering verbally committing, but I want to keep my options open. Most my interest is towards Wisconsin and I think that would be a great fit for me."

This sleeper prospect has not been looked at much, but Hemer did say how he plays the game and what comes in that package he represents.

"I feel like I play with good technique wise. I always focus first on technique and make plays. My second primary goal is to make plays. I just need to make sure that I play with good technique and I don't want to be the guy that messes the play up. I like to be the guy that stays consistent. That is the best way to put my game."

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