Mixed Day for Collins

Making the short drive over to Wisconsin's campus, Madison La Follette safety Marcus Collins had an up-and-down unofficial visit with the Badgers coaches Saturday.

MADISON - Showing off its facilities along with the usual meet-and-greets with the coaching staff, Wisconsin's junior day is usually a big highlight for under-the-radar players, especially those from in-state. That isn't, however, always the case.

Madison La Follette safety Marcus Collins has been around the Wisconsin program since the beginning of last season but in his first real interaction with the new coaching staff, Collins left disappointed.

"It was kind of a step back from other junior days that I have been to," Collins told Badger Nation. "It was very unorganized and informal. I didn't really get a chance to talk to the coaches one on one until the very end when I got to talk to Coach (Ben) Strickland. It was pretty generic overall and he didn't really address any kids, but it was basic telling us about them."

Although Strickland told the 6-4, 205-pound Collins that he would visit his school in the near future and that the Badgers want to evaluate him at camp, Collins was not real impressed with his meeting with safeties coach Bill Busch.

"We finished eating and there were three safeties, including me, that met with Coach Busch," said Collins. "He was really bland and seemed uninterested. Other than Coach Strickland, I didn't really get to talk to anyone else one on one.

"They will see me at camp or see me work out sometime in the spring. They want to see how my body type will work with me being such a big safety. They also want to see what position they think is suitable for me because I am versatile."

Collins also wasn't a big fan of the much-typed ‘Super Six' event that Coach Gary Andersen had in early March, inviting Gaelin Elmore, Craig Evans, Jaden Gault, Billy Hirschfeld, George Panos and Conor Sheehy on campus, basically identifying them as the top six players in the state. All six have a UW offer while Evans, Gault, Panos and Sheehy are currently committed to UW's 2014 class.

"I am just interested to see how Gary Andersen can continue to pursue the in-staters," said Collins. "Other than the super six thing, they pretty much (have) been blind to the in-state guys. I am just keeping a close eye on how he interacts or moves forward with the rest of the in-state players."

While Collins wasn't completely blown away from this junior day, he did have some positive remarks towards the new and improved facilities.

"We got to see the 95 percent finished version of the weight room, so that was definitely outstanding," he said. "All the new equipment, new football lounge and new locker room and everything was top-of-the-line stuff. It was definitely a big plus and I got to try on a jersey with my number on it and it was their new tech fit uniforms, so that was pretty sweet. Overall, their new facilities and everything going on down there (are) pretty nice."

Collins has a busy schedule in the coming weeks, as he plans to visit Illinois State and Northern Illinois on April 13, Michigan State April 20 for the Spartans spring game and Minnesota on April 25. He also has a list of approximately 20 schools that have invited him to camps.

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