Cizauskas Returns to Madison

Returning to Madison for the second time in two weeks, Mukwonago middle linebacker Dominic Cizauskas became even more impressed with what the Badgers can offer their student-athletes

MADISON - Making his second trip to Wisconsin in as many weeks, Mukwonago middle linebacker Dominic Cizauskas wasn't disappointed with his experience at Badgers junior day Saturday.

"I really enjoyed it," Cizauskas told Badger Nation. "I was just on campus about two weeks ago and I kind of got the same exact tour, but this one was a little bit more in-depth. I would say that just because there was a little more people there, but I just love being back on campus and seeing everything. It will be really nice when the weight room is done and everything else is done. I just really enjoyed it."

While there wasn't too much interaction between Cizauskas with individual coaches, he got the chance to talk to defensive coordinator Dave Aranda and to secondary coach Ben Strickland.

"We were eating lunch and defensive coordinator Coach Aranda actually sat down with us," said Cizauskas. "We just had a little discussion about his family and how everything was going. It was great. I also got to talk a little bit to Coach Strickland and I asked him what camp should I go to this summer, but he didn't really have a preference. I plan on attending a one-day summer camps, so I will try to get to one of those."

The 6-1, 240-pound Cizauskas experienced many things on the junior day, but felt the highlight of the trip was the brand new weight room.

"When I went two weeks ago, there wasn't really anything in the weight room, but I didn't really realize that you could fit so many different things inside there," he said. "There is so many different amount of dumbbells, flat benches, squat racks and these are all made specifically just for individual rounds. I am in awe with how much is there and then you walk out to their coverage station, which is incredible. They have machines that are worth half-a-million dollars and that is just unreal, so that is very cool."

Now that he has gone to Wisconsin twice within the last two weeks, where do the Badgers stand?

"Obviously, I am from Wisconsin and watched Wisconsin my whole life growing up," Cizauskas said. "They are up there for me but I don't have an offer, so I really can't say a favorite because you have to keep your options open. I hope they keep an eye on me and I'm going to keep on growing over the years, so hopefully I can become a Badger one day."

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