Spring Q&A: Andy Ludwig

The third offensive coordinator in three years for Wisconsin, Andy Ludwig is taking Wisconsin's offense back to the Paul Chryst years, building an attack around the running game and the strength of UW's tight ends.

Quarterback is one of the main positions you and your staff have to figure out this season. How have you liked how this group has improved from the start of camp and where do they need to get better?

Andy Ludwig: After watching film, they have been really solid through the course of spring. We had two interceptions (on Monday) and we have done a good job avoiding those through the course of spring. I am anxious to look at the tape, evaluate what went wrong, how it went wrong and, most importantly, how to correct it. Those guys have been playing very sound football.

Wisconsin appears to have a lot of options in the passing game but not a lot of guys who have step up and really grasped starting roles this spring. Are you hoping guys will take that huge step forward for you this week?

Ludwig: What I am looking for is consistency. The receiver position has really developed throughout spring and looking for that momentum generated in the spring to carry over into the summer, and then with the idea of when we come to fall camp it will be a completely new look. I am looking for some separation. Who will be the No.2 or No.2? Whether it be one man or by committee, you want to feel great about the second and third wideout we put on the field. That position has improved with the 13 practices we've had, but there is plenty of improvement to be made yet.

Quarterbacks and other players have talked about their excitement for your offense because it's what they had two seasons ago when they had a lot of success. From your perspective, what style are you bringing to this team to make the offense successful?

Ludwig: My whole thought process is to play to the players' strength, so if we have three, four or five good tight ends we're going to be a multiple tight end team. If we have four really good wideouts, we're not going to blink an eye to open up the formations and chuck it around the yard. If we've got 1,000-yard rushers in the backfield then we're going to line up in the I-formation and feature those guys. I am not locked into any formations, one style or another. To me it's all the players and putting them in a position to play fast and with great confidence.

Where do you think the strength is of this offense right now?

Ludwig: I think the offensive line will develop into an area of strength, the tight end position is an area of strength (and) the tailback position in an area of strength.

With the spring game on Saturday, what are some of the things you are trying to get the offense to do better than Monday's scrimmage?

Ludwig: Obviously take care of the ball better, play pitch-and-catch better regardless of the weather condition and protect the passer. Those are the areas I am going to be focusing on.

How many of the 11 positions do you feel are entirely open heading into fall camp? Do you like having an open competition or do you want to have a set of idea of who your guys are?

Ludwig: I am not worried about setting a depth chart for the summer. I think there are some positions that are very solid right now. I feel very good about the players in those spots, but we might have to ask one of those players to move to another position. I would say we have a lot of work to do and they have a lot of hard work ahead of them, but we'll handle the depth chart in the fall.

Now that the staff has been put in place, what do you like about the offensive staff that you are working with?

Ludwig: They are smart guys and they have a ton or energy. They have a ton of juice. It's a great combination to have in the meeting room.

Getting a chance to recruiting Pennsylvania for the first time and recruit quarterbacks nationally, how excited are you to go out and start recruiting kids with the Wisconsin name on your shirt?

Ludwig: You have an opportunity to go out and represent a world-class institution with a football program nationally renowned. I don't know what more you can ask for as a coach.

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