A Big Ten Option for Humphreys

Although embedded in the Pacific Northwest, Portland (OR) Central Catholic Connor Humphreys is a big admire of the Big Ten. Thanks to Wisconsin, Humphreys now has the opportunity to play football in the Midwest.

The perception is that SEC is the best college football conference in the country, ranking many, many notches ahead of the Big Ten. The stats back that statement up.

Not only has the SEC won the last seven national championships, the conference had 12 players selected in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, a far cry from the Travis Frederick being the only Big Ten player selected at 31.

But while that opinion of SEC dominance runs rampant, the opinion of Portland (OR) Central Catholic Connor Humphreys is completely different.

"Big Ten football, there's nothing better than that," Humphreys told Badger Nation. "SEC is tops in a lot of people's opinions, but my opinion is Big Ten football is better than the SEC. I would love to play Big Ten football."

So while getting six scholarship offers from the Pac 12 was nice, Humphreys was still waiting for his first Big Ten offer to give himself an opportunity to play in his favorite conference. His waiting ended this week.

After only getting a couple generic letters and no handwritten ones from Wisconsin, Humphreys admits that his Wisconsin offer caught him completely by surprise, especially considering he hadn't sent film to Wisconsin and knew the Badgers didn't recruit the state.

"All of a sudden here they are offering me," said Humphreys. "They want me to play a defensive end for them in their 3-4. I can definitely see myself in that position and Wisconsin is a great school. For them to recruit a kid out of Oregon is amazing for me. Big Ten football rarely recruits the Midwest."

There aren't many positions on the defensive line where the 6-4, 265-pound Humphreys doesn't feel comfortable. For his high school team, Humphreys lines up at nose tackle, defensive end, defensive tackle, center, guard or tackle at any given time. His numbers reflect his dominate: 76 tackles, over 30 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks.

"I kind of play wherever, so I am comfortable playing whenever," Humphreys said. "It's all about finding best where I fit in. Wherever I play, I am going to play 100 percent."

That work ethic made him a perfect target for defensive line coach Chad Kauha'aha'a. According to Humphreys, Kauha'aha'a big selling point was what the University was known for outside the football program.

"I know Wisconsin is a great school academically," said Humphreys. "He was telling me about how challenging Wisconsin is academically and that a lot of people didn't know that, and neither did I. It's good to hear that are good on the football and school side."

With 11 scholarship and more schools, like Nebraska, possibly close to offering a scholarship, Humphrey says he won't narrow his schools down to a top five until early summer. He plans to take a couple official visits in the fall and commit before November.

Before making his decision, however, Humphreys says he will visit Wisconsin.

"I'm looking forward to visiting the school and be able to talk to the coaches more," said Humphreys. "I'm going to keep in touch with the coaches. "

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