Spring Recap: Tyler Marz

Struggling with adding weight and the coaching transitions, sophomore tackle Tyler Marz is finally starting to take steps in the right direction, and hopes to compete for a starting job in the fall.

How did camp go for you with your group not having many healthy linemen? How were you able to develop?

Tyler Marz: I still have a lot of work to do, but we maybe had only 10 or 13 guys in camp. It gave me the opportunity to get a lot of reps and that's what you need at this level. You just need reps to help build experience, so you keep pushing through it.

With three offensive line coaches in the past four years, how have you handled that?

Marz: It's pretty stressful. That each have their own language and speak a different terminology, but some of it is similar too. It's been interesting transitions, but I like the line as a whole have handled it pretty well and stuck together. There's nothing we could do but push forward.

The transition to T.J. Woods hasn't seemed too tough for you guys this past spring. Is that accurate?

Marz: Yeah, Coach Woods is a great guy. He's hard on us, he wants good things out of us and helps us when we mess up. He's really teaching us the game, and I think that's benefiting us as an offensive line. He's really teaching us about the different looks we get and about blocking new schemes. I think it's really benefited us.

How has he helped improved your technique to take you to another level, which would be started consistently on the line?

Marz: I think he's trying to just get me to be more consistent in general. There are a lot of things I need to work on and learn the details of all those things. He has some good drills that Coach Oglesby is working with us on. They've been helping me out a lot with my technique in general.

Has it also helped that with all the transition you have a guy like Josh Oglesby working with you as a graduate assistant, especially since he knows what it takes to play o-line here?

Marz: That's been huge. I think Coach Woods asks Josh a lot of questions about what we've done in the past, which has helped us relate to both of them a lot better. It's been a benefit of having Josh has a GA.

How have you improved your game since fall camp and last season to get to where you are now heading into the summer?

Marz: I think I had to put on so much weight that it has taken me time to get used to that with my feet and get quicker. I have a long way to go strength wise and get a lot stronger. Forming into that offensive lineman here has taken time, but now it's starting to click and come together. The transition hasn't helped things go smoothly, but you have to just take it for what it's worth and keep going.

What's been hard for you playing at that weight or gaining that weight to where you feel comfortable? Some guys gain 10 pounds and they can feel an immediate difference. You seem like the opposite.

Marz: I just had to put on so much in so little time and muscle doesn't always come along with fat as easily. I think some of the weight was bad weight, but I just needed it on at the time. Now I just need to keep working out in the weight room and to get the muscle to come along with my added weight.

Where has strength coach Evan Simon helped you make that transition easier?

Marz: He's definitely working with our core a lot more, as well as our shoulders and those kind of thing compared to what we've done in the past. His tempo in the weight room is different. I think that's going to translate on to the field and help us out. He's definitely been a plus. We're still doing a lot of things we used to do, so not a whole lot has changed. He always uses the analogy we're building the sundae and he's just adding the sprinkles and topping on top.

Working with left and right tackle with the second-team offense this spring, where did you feel more comfortable?

Marz: I feel like my pass stance is more comfortable on the left, but whatever is going to get me on the field. I am just going to work hard at each and try to get them both down.

Do you feel it's an open competition for the left tackle role heading into the fall? If so, how do you approach your job heading into the summer?

Marz: I hope it's an open competition for my sake. Ryan Groy and Dallas Lewallen obviously got most of the number one reps. They are both physical athletic guys, so you have to give them credit for what they have done. This summer I just have to get stronger. That's going to be my big key along with watching film, get the defensive strategy down, keep watching film of older guys at left tackle of Ricky Wagner and Ryan and watch what they do to pick up on things.

And overall, just work on my game. We work out in the summer here, so just have to do some drills, get everything better and keep working on my feet and sets. Hopefully going into fall camp I can make a push and there will be an open competition for me.

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