Elmore Recaps Two 'Great' Visits

Visiting two of his favorite schools over a four-day span, Somerset (WI) tight end Gaelin Elmore recognizes that the trips to Iowa State and Nebraska have further complicated his recruiting process.

The more visits he takes, Somerset (WI) tight end Gaelin Elmore is finding how hard it is to pick one school that fits him athletically, academically and socially and stick with it.

After a four-day trip that took the 6-5, 240-pound tight end to two of his three favorite schools, Elmore is finding that his decision is getting tougher and tougher.

"That's definitely been the hardest thing," Elmore said. "I have seen a lot of schools that I like."

Camping at Iowa State over the weekend, Elmore – rated the No.33 tight end in the country by Fox Sports Next – did one-on-one drills for the Cyclones coaching staff to show that he is more than just a good blocking tight end.

"I think my overall athleticism showed," said Elmore. "That's something that really doesn't stand out a lot on film and I know that's something I have to prove going through the process. I definitely felt that I was more athletic than any other tight end there. I was able to compete for balls against very fast cornerbacks and things like that."

Elmore had visited Ames previously, but was relegated to a simple campus tour when none of the assistant coaches were on campus. On this visit, Elmore met with Iowa State offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham and assistant coach/tight end coach Bill Bleil, and the trio went over film and laid out how Elmore would fit in.

"They said their offense would allow me to showcase my athleticism in more than one way," said Elmore. "It gives me a chance to get the ball in the open field and do some things that Big Ten offenses won't allow me to do. They said I would be an impact player for them from day one."

From there Elmore headed to Lincoln for two days on the campus of Nebraska. Much like his first visit to Ames, Elmore didn't get a lot of one-on-one time with the coaching staff when he visited Nebraska, but this time sat down with head coach Bo Pelini, offensive coordinator Tim Beck and associate head coach/tight end coach Barney Cotton to hear what the Huskers expectations are for him.

"They laid out what they expected of me as soon as I got there and their expectations of me as a player," said Elmore. "That was definitely a good situation. I think I fit in pretty well in their offense. The difference with them is I would be on the line more, more physical and things like that. I think both Iowa State and Nebraska are good fits no matter how I look at it."

More importantly, Nebraska, according to Elmore, laid out the facts the he was the Cornhuskers' number one tight end prospect on their board for the 2014 recruiting class.

"Everything they do, I get that from them (that I am their top guy)," said Elmore, who added Iowa State and Minnesota approaches him that way as well. "Some schools just say it, but I think Nebraska really shows it."

One school that hasn't shown him that kind of attention is Wisconsin. Although Elmore has had the Badgers at the top of his list during different points of his recruiting process, he was put off by the fact that Wisconsin has seven offers out to other uncommitted tight end prospects, and the school has offered nine tight ends in the past two months alone.

"They've told me that I am there number one, but I've seen things on the Internet and seen what people say," Elmore said. "One of the biggest things I'd say is that I was kind of a fall-back option for them. I am an in-state kid and a tight end, which apparently everyone thinks I am suppose to go to Wisconsin.

"There was one day when a bunch of Midwest tight ends committed (April 23) and I feel that's when I started getting recruited harder by them. That's what I view and how I've seen things."

Elmore will have little time to rest, as he heads to camps at Indiana, Ohio State and Michigan State. It'll also give him time to think more about his recruitment, which has another new leader in his eyes.

"I'd say Iowa State would be my leader right now but again, I am going out to see more schools," said Elmore. "I am planning on having a top three or five by the end of July."

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