Amazing Moment for Hudson

After a solid performance on both sides of the ball during Wisconsin's one-day high school camp Monday, Tampa (FL) Plant Senior athlete Austin Hudson almost committed to Wisconsin, which goes to show how excited he is by his first major offer.

Going against a plethora of big-name players trying to impress the new Wisconsin coaching staff, Tampa (FL) Plant Senior safety Austin Hudson knew coming in that he didn't have a lot of eyes on him.

But working on both sides of the ball during Wisconsin's one-day camp Monday, Hudson grabbed the attention of secondary coach Bill Busch, Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda and Head Coach Gary Andersen, resulting in him walking away with the only known offered extended.

"It was just a good day and I felt comfortable at Wisconsin," Hudson told Badger Nation. "Funny story on how I found out about my offer. Coach Aranda told my dad that I got offered when I was doing some drills and my dad didn't tell me. My dad told me that they were not interested in me, but that is just how he is (laughter).

"Coach Aranda asked me to go to his office with him. Me and my dad were in his office and he told me that Wisconsin was going to offer me. I was super surprised because the story my dad told me and gave him the glare (laughter). It was one of the best moments of my life and I wouldn't be at the camp if I wasn't interested in Wisconsin. I am really thankful for the Wisconsin coaches believing in me and giving me a chance."

Once the 6-2, 185-pound safety found out that he would be receiving a Badger offer, he thought about possibly committing, but instead heeded his mom's advice.

"I did actually think about committing, but my mom has always told me to never make a decision when you are at a emotionally low or in a high state," said Hudson. "I was really thinking about it because I loved it so much, but I didn't want to commit and then be in a situation where I de-commit. I would never do that as a man because that is wrong, so I wanted spend some time and discuss it with my family and coaches."

Hudson didn't come in with an amazing resume (holding offers from Holy Cross, Florida Tech and Jacksonville State), but that didn't hold him back from putting on a sound performance working with the wider receivers and the defensive backs.

"I flew from Florida, so we spent a good amount money on the trip and I researched the place thinking it would be good for me to go camp there," said Hudson. "They are a really good academic school and that is very important to me. Plus the football program is amazing, too. I wanted to see how the town was, (how) the people were and think the people are fantastic here. Madison is a great city and it was a great time.

"It is a great community and great college town. I had a lot of fun touring the area and seeing everyone wearing red was just pretty cool. It would be a cool experience playing there on Saturdays."

This past season was a rocky year for the under-the-radar defender, as his team fell short of their goal of winning a state championship and with Hudson spending most of the season hurt from a sports hernia surgery. His injury in part has kept many schools from uncovering the potential he has.

"We are usually a powerhouse in the state of Florida and didn't win the championship, so it was a disappointment," said Hudson. "I feel like I have matured as a person and my team too, so this next season should be good.

"The injury has completely healed up. I got lucky because I was scheduled to get surgery and I got a MRI and they (the doctors) said it had just healed itself. I was really excited and haven't had any problems with it."

As far as a timetable goes for his decision, Hudson would like to decide before his season starts and knows that distance will not be a factor. He also describes the game he will be bringing to whatever team he ultimately decides on.

"I will definitely make my final decision before the summer ends because I don't want it to be a distraction," said Hudson. "I want to know where I am going to college by that time. Distance will in no way be a factor to me because I came from a military family and have lived in nine states so far in my life.

"I am extremely athletic when I play. That is why I got an offer partially because they said that in the new scheme they needed a athletic safety that could do a lot of things. I fit that role pretty well. My physicality and quick feet are also big parts to my game. I am always trying to learn and get better."

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