Hoxie Narrowing in on Decision

After visiting Wisconsin in June, Buford (GA) High athlete Zavior Hoxie proclaimed Wisconsin as his favorite school. But after finishing his visits, is Wisconsin still the favorite in Hoxie's top three?

Only three schools are left on the mind of Buford (GA) High athlete Zavior Hoxie: Illinois, Wake Forest and Wisconsin. After taking what he called an "amazing" visit to Wisconsin in mid June, Hoxie told Badger Nation last month that Wisconsin was the front-runner in the race.

However that comment came before he made his unofficial visit to Winston-Salem, causing Wake Forest to be on the same level as both Wisconsin and Illinois, another school he visited last month.

"Those are my top three," Hoxie told Badger Nation, "and they're not in any specific order."

The 5-11, 180-pound Hoxie may no longer have Wisconsin as his favorite on his list, but the Badgers are still very much in it because of the Badgers' new facilities and his relationship with running back coach Thomas Hammock, who has been recruiting the state of Georgia hard for Gary Andersen's staff.

"Coach Hammock is still recruiting me heavily," said Hoxie. "They (the coaches) keep me updated with any recruits they get. They make sure to see where I'm at, and how the whole recruiting process is going."

While he still keeps in touch with all the coaches from each school, Hoxie has no more plans for the rest of the summer other than ending his recruiting process in either late July or early August.

"I'm going to do it before the season," said Hoxie.

With his senior season quickly approaching, Hoxie is weighing the pros and cons of each of the schools left on his list.

"I definitely like that Wake is recruiting me as a running back, because that's what I play the most in my high school now and what I've always played," said Hoxie. "I play both positions because I'm good at both. I tend to lean towards more the running back position. So I do like that there recruiting me for that."

While Wake Forest is recruiting Hoxie as a running back, Wisconsin is recruiting him to play on either side of the ball. The Badgers well-known reputation for the running back position is what excites him the most.

"Wisconsin has really good backs that go pro, and the line blocks extremely well," said Hoxie. "That shows how good they are."

What position he is going to play on the football field is not the only thing that matters to Hoxie, as he wants to find the right off-the-field atmosphere.

"I've experienced both a big and small school," said Hoxie. "I know they have their pros and cons. In a big school, you're more prone to get in trouble and get into stuff you shouldn't be getting into, but at the same time it has a bigger social life. At a small school you still have the social life but it might not be the same as the larger school, but you can stay out of trouble more."

Whether he's on offense or defense or in a big or small school, Hoxie just wants to make sure he chooses the best fit for him.

"I'm trying to take my time, weigh my decisions and make sure I make the right one," Hoxie said. "It's a real big decision and wherever I go I need to make sure I'll be happy for the four years that I'm there."

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