Staying Constant with Wiscosnin

Putting Wisconsin in his two top in mid May, Compton (CA) Dominquez senior defensive end Uriah Leiataua is anxious to schedule an official visit to Madison this fall.

With the college football season slowly starting to draw closer for Compton (CA) Dominquez senior Uriah Leiataua, the three-star defensive end is starting to see the contact between him and college coaches die down.

That is perfect fine with him, finally giving him some quiet time to think about where his recruitment is so far.

"It's been nice not having the phone constantly ringing," Leiataua told Badger Nation. "It has allowed me to kind of take a step back and look at my offers and figure out what I like about each school."

With the 6-4, 265-pound Leiataua not having to deal with the phone calls from college coaches, the number 56 defensive end in the country by Fox Sports Next has been able to focus solely on his improving his game.

"I've been trying to get stronger for my senior season and trying to get the mental part of the game down," Leiataua said. "I know I have the right tools to play this game but I haven't been playing long. I just have to put my game together and become more consistent."

Even though Leiataua's phone hasn't been ringing off the hook, he has tried to stay in consistent contact with Wisconsin defensive line coach Chad Kauha'aha'a, who offered him in mid May.

"Me and coach Chad's relationship is pretty close," Leiataua said. "Coach Chad is chill and we'll chat on Facebook and we'll talk on the phone once a week or so. When we do talk on the phone it's about school mostly.

"He knows that I want to major in kinesiology and minor in business so he talks to me about the business school at Wisconsin and he'll send me mail about the school, which I appreciate. He also tells me how Wisconsin can benefit me socially, academically and how great the atmosphere is at Wisconsin, not only for football games, but also on the campus. He also talks to me how they would like to turn Wisconsin into a recruiting pipeline for Polynesian players."

Leiataua plans on visiting Wisconsin sometime in the fall but still needs to figure out when he can make it out to Madison.

"I'm going to give coach Chad a call soon to try and get my official visit set up," Leiataua said. "I was looking over my schedule and the Badgers football schedule and it would be cool to make it to the Northwestern or BYU game. I wanted to visit Wisconsin when they played Ohio State but that's an away game for Wisconsin."

Whatever game Leiataua does end up picking, there is one specific thing that he's looking forward to.

"Part of the reason why I would like to try and visit Wisconsin for either the Northwestern or BYU games is because I know the stadium will be packed for those two games," Leiataua said. "I've watched videos on YouTube of home games at Wisconsin and whoever the opponent is the fans are excited for the game, but when there's a big game the crowd takes it to another level and I would like to witness that. I think the ‘Jump Around' tradition they have is cool and it would definitely be fun to take part in that."

Leiataua says his two favorites are Wisconsin and Utah but he's also hearing from Colorado, Washington State, BYU, and Stanford. Leiataua isn't in a rush to make his decision, simply looking for a school that fits him well.

"I plan on visiting Utah and Washington State in the future," Leiataua said. "When I do decide, I want to find a school that fits me well as a football player. I feel like I'm a strong pass rusher so I'm looking for a school that fits my strengths on the football field along with a school that has my major."

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