VIDEO: Miles at Media Days

HOOVER - As Les Miles prepared to make the rounds for SEC Media Days, the LSU head coach spoke with FOX Sports about changes in the offense, the Tigers' harlem shake video, and much more...

FOX Sports and Tiger Sports Digest spoke one on one with LSU head coach Les Miles at SEC Media Day.

Annabel Stephan: The LSU Harlem Shake video you and your team did was the best of the bunch. What has it like making that?

Les Miles: I was directed by my players, and it was a lot of fun to be honest with you. We spent a good 15-20 seconds of planning time, went to the indoor facility, and it was a lot of fun. Our guys enjoyed it.

AS: Having a lot of changes in the LSU offense right now, Cam Cameron, a good friend of yours, what has life in Baton Rouge been like having him there to help you with the offense?

LM: He is a tremendous leader and a real quality person. He is going to make a tremendous difference in our quarterbacks. He's a very confident, very experienced play caller, so it's been great. We have relied on him a lot and will continue to.

AS: What are you expecting to see from Zach Mettenberger this season under coach Cameron?

LM: He threw for 2,600 yards last year and twelve touchdowns. You know, that was a really nice start. Cam is coming in with a guy who has been on the field, made the throws, and done the things we have asked him to do. Now it's really the next level, and I think Cam will prepare him in a number of ways; how to think, get it out of his hand quickly, the decisions the quarterback position has to make are the most important decisions that are made play after play, and we're fortunate that Cam will be with him for this year.

AS: This offseason it seemed you had a real emphasis on the offensive line. How are you continuing to develop these young players?

LM: Well we have five guys who played a lot of football last year, so the veteran part of this team is the offensive line. The guys, although veteran, are still young, but they have been on the field a lot and we expect that they will really have a great impact on the season. We turn to the offensive line and say protect our quarterback and we're going to win it.

AS: LSU this past season did lose a lot of players to the NFL draft, not only players, but underclassmen. Some programs might view that as a negative, how do you use that as a positive or a recruiting tool for the Tigers?

LM: The two outcomes for our players is graduation and NFL opportunities. In the last eight years we have put 51 draft picks in the NFL. In the last draft we had nine draft picks, which was a school record. So what it amounts to, if you come to LSU, you're going to get the opportunity to get your degree, degree of choice, and an opportunity to play in the NFL. It's measured by those statistics. I would love to have all those juniors back, it sure would make it a lot easier fall, but I recognize that that is a great opportunity for them to go off early, and then a great opportunity for some of our young players. We had eight guys come in early in the spring and prepare to take on some of the playing roles, so it's evolution.


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