Plattenburg Not Positive on Top Ten

Since naming a top ten in June, Houston Lamar cornerback John Plattenburg has attracted even more attention. And now with 21 offers, and more schools on his radar, Plattenburg's top ten is changing…Wisconsin made the first cut, but will they make it to the final round?

Since attending ‘The Opening' in Oregon and staying busy with unofficial visits this summer, Houston Lamar cornerback John Plattenburg is receiving attention from schools all over the country.

"I've been talking to a lot more schools recently," Plattenburg told Badger Nation. "I've got some interest from Tennessee, Duke and Arkansas. I actually am back in Easton, CA, right now so I've been getting more interest from West Coast schools and SEC schools."

While more offers are potentially coming in for Plattenburg, a FOX Sports NEXT four-star recruit and nation's No. 18 cornerback prospect, he has yet to decide on a final top list.

Last month, Plattenburg released his top ten of Arizona State, Baylor, Boise State, California, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Washington and Wisconsin.

"A few of the schools in my top ten have changed since I named them," said Plattenburg. "I'm still thinking over a couple of things. I'm going to make a few changes to it, and probably name a top five soon. I'm hoping to make a decision before the season starts. That's my time frame right now. I am hoping to either make my decision in late July or sometime in August."

Plattenburg declined to say what schools were still in and what schools he ruled out, but he did say that Wisconsin wasn't off the list just yet.

"I'm still looking into Wisconsin, and I know the Big Ten is primarily a running conference but I still do have interest in them," said Plattenburg. "I haven't taken a visit yet, but I could possibly take an official visit this season.

"Wisconsin actually plays more man than the other Big Ten schools, while most of the other schools play more zone. It gives a different feel to it when you're playing man so I actually like that, which would change it up a little bit so that's something that actually interests me."

Out of the 21 offers, there is one school that stands in the way of Wisconsin if they want any chance of securing the 5-11, 187-pound highly recruited cornerback. Out of the 21 offers, Plattenburg is favoring Washington.

"The latest school I'm leaning toward right now is Washington especially coming off an unofficial visit to there," said Plattenburg. "I was already high on Washington, and I have a really good, tight relationship with their DB coach, Keith Heyward, and I got to go to their camp up there and see how he coaches so I really liked it there. "Right now, in my head they're pretty close to the top of my list. Also, the guys who just committed there are my really good friends, (cornerback) Jonathan Lockett and (safety) Lavon Washington so I know guys who will be there. I know them, I really know both of them so it helps. It's a good atmosphere and we all got to hang out during my visit so it was a cool experience."

The other three schools close to the top of Plattenburg's list are California, UCLA and Baylor. And while he claims to be completely open right now, there does seem to be an advantage for the west coast schools

"Now that I'm in California, I remember how much I like the West Coast, but I have never been to the east coast," said Plattenburg. "There's just something about the West Coast that I really like so that might play into it and I think the West Coast might fit me. The Midwest is still a possibility because I do really like the cold. Who knows I like the Coast but I like the cold. Anything is a possibility. I'm wide open right now."

While Plattenburg is still ‘wide open', Wisconsin has yet to give up on trying to secure some help in their secondary.

"Wisconsin is still recruiting me pretty hard. I talked to the D-line coach, Chad Kauha'aha'a, not too long ago actually, and he told me there still pretty high on me. I definitely make sure to keep in contact with him." Plattenburg wants to make a decision on a top school before his season starts, but that doesn't mean what school he chooses will be the final winner.

"Even when I do make the commitment, I still plan to take all five of my official visits," said Plattenburg. "I always want to see what's going on at the schools, and I definitely want to get a feel for what it's like on a game day and what the atmosphere is like. Because that's what I'm going to be around when I get to the school and I want to make sure I really take that experience and see if I feel comfortable with it or not."

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