Mama keeps Wisconsin in Top 13

The top offensive guard in the country, Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco offensive lineman Damien Mama is hoping to learn more about Wisconsin before making his final decision.

With a total of 30 scholarship offers, Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco offensive lineman Damien Mama finally cut his list down to 13 schools, in no order: Alabama, BYU, California, Florida, Florida State, Ole Miss, Miami, Notre Dame, Ohio State, UCLA, USC, Washington and Wisconsin.

"I narrowed my list down as much as I could, which is probably the biggest step I've taken this far through the whole recruiting process with all these schools giving me offers," Mama told Badger Nation. "I don't have any favorites out of the 13 yet. Once this whole recruiting process started, I told myself don't be picky and to consider each school."

The recently named five-star Mama – ranked the No.1 offensive guard in the country by Fox Sports Next - has chosen not to be too picky for now, but that doesn't mean his family is choosing to do the same.

"My family will always tell me to go to this schools and that school," said Mama. "Most of my family though really wants me to go to USC so I'm definitely considering that school, and it's been my favorite school since I was little, too."

While his family is pulling for Mama to go to USC, another family tie is trying to pull him in a completely different direction.

"I found out I have a cousin, Issac Luatua, who plays football at Alabama, and the two of us were just recently reconnected," said Mama. "Since then he's been helping me out a lot, and I talked to him when he was out here in California to talk about Alabama. I've just been asking him questions like what's the program like, what's the (offensive line) coach Mario Cristobal like and what (head coach) Nick Saban's like. It was a pretty good talk."

His family has their favorites selected, but Mama will have the final say before making his commitment. The 6-4, 370-pound offensive lineman wants to visit Wisconsin before making his decision.

"I keep in touch with defensive line coach Chad Kauha'aha'a a lot," said Mama. "Wisconsin is a great program and good offensive line school. And all the trophy winners they put out is impressive and the coaches have great expectations for the program. If I went to school in Madison and graduated from there, I would have a great education."

Mama has only three criteria when it comes to choosing the right school for him, and Wisconsin so far fits all three.

"First and foremost I looked at the education of each school, and what school would have the most to offer me once I'm done with football," said Mama. "And the second factor, was could I see myself there, and the third is the offensive line coach."

Mama says the Badgers have an extra plus when it comes to comparing all 13 schools in Kauha'aha'a.

"The Polynesian coaches reach out to me the most," said Mama. "There's a lot to relate to with them being Polynesian. too, and knowing my background so that's cool. Coach Chad is one of those coaches and I always have something to relate to with him.

"But I'm not really basing my decision off of that; it's more just being comfortable with that particular school. I've always liked Wisconsin. The offensive line is good and they're always running the ball, hard nose football. Coach Chad being Polynesian is a huge plus though."

Mama wants to take the recruiting process slow and plans on waiting to announce his final commitment until after his senior season.

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