Holuba Closing in on a Decision

Oradell (NJ) Bergen Catholic senior Kurt Holuba breaks down his final four schools and talks about the plans for his senior season and his college decision.

With high school football practices starting Monday for Oradell (NJ) Bergen Catholic senior Kurt Holuba, the three-star defensive end has narrowed down his 16 scholarship offers down to four.

Rated the No.67 defensive end by Fox Sports Next, Holuba is still considering Duke, Florida State, Stanford and Wisconsin.

"It was hard for me to eliminate the other schools on my list," Holuba told Badger Nation, "but I feel like those four give me the best chance to succeed in college."

Stanford: Academics are very important to my family and me and, obviously, Stanford's academic reputation speaks for itself. Stanford also has a great football program and I like David Shaw. Also the campus is beautiful. It's like paradise.

Florida State: Like Stanford, they have a great football program and a great tradition. They won its BCS Bowl game a year ago and I feel like I would fit in with the defense. The facilities at Florida State are top of the line; everything at Florida State is top of the line.

Duke: Like Stanford the academic reputation speaks for itself. I know the football team has struggled in years past but I think they are turning it around. Their campus is beautiful and I get along with all of the coaches.

Wisconsin: Coach (Thomas) Hammock and I have a good relationship. I've met him a few times in person and he's a cool guy. We get along well. We usually talk on Facebook or on the phone. When we do talk it's usually about the defense and how I could fit in. We also talk about academics at Wisconsin because he knows that's important to me, along with my family, and what kind of opportunities Wisconsin can offer me as a person.

With his top four in place, it has allowed Holuba to continue to prepare for his final season.

"I have been working all summer on trying to become a better leader for my team because I will be expected to be one of the leaders," Holuba said. "I'm going to try and lead by example every day. I've been working on different leadership techniques but besides trying to be the best leader for the team, I've also been working on my overall game because you can always be improving.

After going eight years since the school's last state title, the goal for Holuba on the football field is clear.

"The seniors and I have one more shot at winning the state title so it would be pretty special if we could win it," Holuba said. "I know it won't be easy considering we have one of the tougher schedules out there. But if we play hard each week, stay focus and be prepared, I'm confident we can achieve our goal as a team."

In terms of his recruitment, Holuba is done taking visits and would like to make his decision in the next few weeks.

"I have a hard time seeing myself taking any more visits because I've seen all of the campuses," Holuba said. "Once we start playing the games it will be hard to go see one of my top four schools. I would like to decide before my season starts so I can focus on my team. If I don't then that's fine. I just want to make sure I feel comfortable with my decision when I do make it."

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