Gault's Senior Notebook - Week Two

In a new feature to BadgerNation, Monona Grove senior lineman and Wisconsin commit Jaden Gault - the highest-ranked player in the state for the Class of 2014 - will take us through each game of his senior season, telling us what worked, what didn't and where improvement is needed. This week he recaps the Silver Eagles' week two blowout.

What happened

Monona Grove defeated Baraboo, 56-7, in a nonconference matchup to move to 2-0. For the second-straight week, Jaden Gault and his fellow first-teamers played the entire first half and sparingly in the second half.

Opening thoughts

Going into the game, we knew we had to play at a high level. We don't want to play down to anyone as a whole. We want to keep ourselves at a high level at all times. If we play down to someone's level, we aren't playing good. We knew going into the game that they blitzes a lot, so we passed a bit on first downs and hit then with the run. We had a couple connections in the passing game. We picked up the linebacker blitzes, so we did really well with that and our base blocking.

What did Monona Grove do well as a team?

Our defense created two turnovers deep in their territory, so we got the ball in the 20-yard area. We were able to score in two plays or something like that. That got us going quickly with putting up some points and helping us play well.

How did you play individually?

I think my hips were better this week and definitely picking up blocks, like the blitzes and things like that. We were able to communicate well and pick them up. That's one thing we focused on. My reach blocking was good. We did well with the blitzes we had to go up against, so we were able to have a good response.

What do you need to do better going into next week's game?

It's really going over the little things, like as an offensive line taking the right steps. Defensively it's about wrapping up on tackles and taking the right angles. This week Oregon has a good wide receiver, so we'll have to step up and cover him with our secondary. Being able to wrap up and finish tackles will be huge for us this week. It's important for us to read our keys on both sides.

What do you need to better individually to grow from week one to week two?

I am still trying to progress with my hand placement. My reps were really good this past week, even as an offensive line as a whole. We were able to transfer the things from practice into the game, so that was good and we need to continue to do that. I want to continue to work on the little things that can help me improve my game at the position. I take pride in that.

With the conference opener next week at Oregon, how will they challenge you as an offense?

The intensity gets increased a little bit now that we are in conference play. They got beat by Mount Horeb-Barneveld, but they are a good team. We can't just go in there and not be prepared. We have a pretty good rivalry with them where they don't like us and we don't like them. They always have a lot of fans at their game, so it will be a pretty tough environment. It's important for us to maintain our focus, play at a high level and play a group.

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