Locksley Locks Down Big Offers

When the week began, Baltimore Gilman School junior quarterback Kai Locksley held four impressive scholarships. Two days later, Locksley added an SEC offer and two big offers from the Big Ten, including one from Wisconsin.

Since fifth grade, Kai Locksley labeled himself as a quarterback. Locksley never even entertained the idea of switching to a different position. However, a year ago when Locksley moved to Baltimore to attend the Gilman School, the quarterback slot was filled.

Desperate to get on the field, Locksley knew if he wanted to contribute he would have to switch positions. Locksley stepped in at receiver for the first time in his career. After only one season at receiver, Locksley is back to where he feels most comfortable, quarterback.

"After having a year off at the quarterback position, I just realized how much I missed it, loved it and truly enjoy it" Locksley told Badger Nation. "In my first game back at quarterback this season, I just felt ready and at home.

"But having experience has a receiver actually helps me now as a quarterback. You get to see the little stuff that receivers go through. Its put me on the same page as my receivers. I've basically been in there shoes so I now see what they see."

The 6-4, 180-pound Locksley, who is the son of Maryland's offensive coordinator Mike Locksley, already received four offers before making the full-time switch back to quarterback. This summer, he locked down offers from Maryland, Michigan State, Florida State and Rutgers.

Maryland may have a bit of an advantage with Locksley's father a part of the coaching staff, but his three most recent offers may have complicated the situation. On Wednesday, Locksley received his two latest offers from Wisconsin and Tennessee.

"I was blown away when I first heard the news from my football coaches," said Locksley. "I'm both anxious and excited to learn more about both of those programs. My impression of Wisconsin is how good they have been over these past couple years. The Badgers always have a great line, which is ideal when looking at the quarterback position. My thought on Tennessee is first off, it's an SEC school. They're a great school and program with that title alone."

On Thursday night, Locksley received another major offer when Ohio State extended him a scholarship.

While just starting his junior season, Locksley is eager to start taking some visits. He has two bye weeks this season and he plans on taking trips to the schools that are most interested in him, including a possible visit to Columbus for the Ohio State-Wisconsin game in late September.

Locksley already visited Rutgers last year with some of his teammates, which means a possible visit to Madison could come sometime this fall. He plans on taking his time with the whole recruiting process, especially with two more seasons left to play.

"I wasn't expecting to get offers this early," said Locksley. "I can't even say I was really expecting it all. It's hard to say you expect to get a football scholarship, but I think with all the hard work and preparation I put in over this off-season, I feel like I deserve these scholarships."

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