Izzo on Badgers

One of the top tight end prospects remaining on the board for the Badgers, Ryan Izzo, talks about his weekend visit to Madison inside.

Three-star tight end Ryan Izzo, who is ranted the 25th best in the country by FOXSports/Scout.com visited Wisconsin for the second time since June. Just like his first visit, Izzo again came away impressed by the Badgers.

"Overall it was very good," Izzo told Badger Nation. "I enjoyed my visit and I enjoyed watching the game and seeing Stave get the ball to the tight ends. I was able to hangout with some Badger players, which was a lot of fun."

He added, "The players who I hung out with we talked about Wisconsin and they also were telling me how they've been enjoying their time at Wisconsin."

Besides being able to spend time with the Badgers current athletes, Izzo also had a chance to sit down and talk with the coaching staff.

"I would rate that part very high," Izzo said. "I enjoyed it I talked to about the whole staff and we talked about just everything about their schemes and why they do certain things and how I would fit in with the offense. We also talked about how my season was going and we talked a little bit about family as well."

It wasn't just Izzo in attendance in regards to important recruits during the Tennessee Tech game, the Badgers hosted a number of other prospects -- many of which he had a chance to speak with.

"I talked to a couple other kids on their officials and just about where they were looking and about them," Izzo said. "They all seemed like they were pretty good guys and it was fun interacting with them. But it seemed like they were enjoying their visits."

Izzo has set up an official to Florida State the weekend of September 14th and hopes to make a final decision by September 21.

"I visit Florida State this coming weekend and I look forward to it and see what they can offer me," Izzo said. "But I plan on taking all of my official visits. Not one school is particularly is standing out at the moment."

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