Starting Fast

One of the talented tailback in the backfield of Phoenix Mountain Pointe, junior Paul Lucas already has one BCS scholarship offer and more are likely to follow.

PHOENIX - Although only four games into his high school football junior season, Mountain Pointe tailback Paul Lucas is already getting excited about the recruiting process.

After picking up an Oregon State, Lucas is excited for the motivation that an early scholarship offer could create for some of his classmates hoping to get noticed.

"It was good just to know that my parents have school paid for," Lucas told BadgerNation after Friday's practice. "It's big for every junior on the team. We play bigger roles than people think we do. We're not going to get the most playing time, but it makes everybody work harder knowing schools are watching us."

One of four running backs who share carries on the team, Lucas is second on the team with 202 rushing yards and his five touchdowns tie for the team lead. He's done all that despite only 13 carries on the season, averaging 15.5 yards per carry.

"We have four good running backs," said Lucas. "Some are speed guys and some are power guys or both. We can pretty much spread the ball out however we want to."

The 5-11, 165-pound Lucas would be defined as a speed guy. In the Pride's 72-0 win on Thursday, Lucas had only 37 rushing yards but a pair of touchdowns that showcased some of the speed that won him the state high school 100 meter dash in 10.44.

Lucas has added 20 pounds since the end of track season; weight he said has added to his explosiveness.

"Most people thought since I ran that in track that I wouldn't play football, but I have been playing football since I was little," said Lucas. "I have a passion for it. The coaches send me out for plays to showcase my speed."

Lucas says in addition to Oregon State, he's been hearing from Arizona State and a lot of other Pac-12 schools, but only has the one offer from the Beavers. He also mentioned Wisconsin has sent him some mail.

"It's not in the back of my head during games or practices, but when I get home and open up the mail I think about it," said Lucas. "Everybody is even right now. I want to find somewhere where if (an injury) happened to me in sports, I would want to stay there, live there and go to school."

In a way, he wants to find the same type of program he currently has at Mountain Pointe.

"My JV year was all about stats," said Lucas. "Right now everybody just wants to win. We're more a family than a team. Everybody is great and nobody is worried about individual stats."

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