Wisconsin Still Wants McGary

Tacoma (WA) Fife offensive line Kaleb McGary has narrowed it down to a final four, but has yet to pick a number five. Attending his game on Friday, offensive line coach T.J. Woods is hoping to convince McGary to take the fifth visit to Wisconsin.

Although deciding on his four official visits of Boise State, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington, Tacoma (WA) Fife offensive lineman Kaleb McGary has not decided who will be the fifth official visit, but has the remainder of his senior season to make the final pick.

"I've kind of put it on the back burner more or less," McGary told Badger Nation. "It's tough with my schedule, but I have pretty much decided where I want to take my official visits to. I haven't been able to set any dates yet, because I need to figure out what our schedule will look like if we make the playoffs."

While the four-star McGary puts recruiting on the back burner, offense line coach T.J. Woods is making sure McGary doesn't do the same when it comes to Wisconsin.

The 6-8, 280-pound McGary planned on visiting Madison this past summer when he was in Wisconsin for an AAU basketball tournament, but was not able to make the trip due to NCAA rules. Since McGary never got to take his trip to see the Badgers, Woods is bringing a little taste of the Badgers to McGary by watching his game against White River Friday night; McGary's team's most-hated rival.

"I still keep in contact with Wisconsin and I hear from their coaches all the time," said McGary. "I can't believe coach Woods is coming up for the big game. I look forward to meeting him and talking to him. I look forward to it very much."

Nine is the number of remaining offers McGary has to choose from for his fifth official visit, but McGary only called attention to Nebraska, USC and Wisconsin. The Badgers are certainly still interested in McGary, and he's nowhere near ready to rule them out yet. So what is it that's holding the man nicknamed "Big Country" back from choosing Madison as the fifth visit?

"The thing that I'm unsure about when it comes to Wisconsin is I've learned I'm much more of homebody than I thought I was," said McGary. "I definitely feel strongly about being close to home. At the same time though, I wouldn't say Wisconsin is out of reach. I just haven't been able to see it and get to learn what it's all about."

One thing is for certain, McGary is in no rush to make a commitment anytime soon. As for now, he's enjoying the recruiting process.

"My schedule has exploded, and it's insanely busy and stressful," said McGary. "I never pictured I would have these kind of choices and decisions to weigh and make ever in my life."

"I thought my first big decision would be about marriage and having kids," laughed McGary. "Lo and behold this is almost of equal size. This is something that is going to set me up for the rest of my life, give or take. There's a huge amount of pressure."

Editor's Note: This interview was conducted prior to Friday night's game. White River beat Fife, 28-16.

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