Ask the Experts: October Edition

How many tailbacks will Wisconsin take? What other positions does Wisconsin want? Where are the Badgers chances landing some high-ranking out-of-state prospects? The Fox Sports Next team of recruiting experts provides the answers to the questions posed by the community in this exclusive feature.

The community asked the questions, and the FOX Sports NEXT team of recruiting analysts chimed in with their answers, opinions and thoughts.

Q: Does Allen have any more info on Dareian Watkins? Did the coaches make it to Galion?
From Allen Trieu, who covers the Midwest for Fox Sports Next: Sounds like they didn't. Dareian's dad said they told him they would be coming, but he never saw them at the game and neither kid reported seeing them or "bumping into" them at the game. The entire family is visiting in November, his father Heath Watkins says. It is mostly for LaCario Davison, but Dareian will be along. He said Dareian is 100 percent committed to Northwestern, but in recruiting, it is wise to have a backup plan. Unless something drastic happens, he's planning on being a Wildcat.

Q: Are there any freshmen that haven't played yet that still might play this season?
From Benjamin Worgull: Publisher of Badger Nation: If the coaching staff can help it, the Badgers won't utilize any more true freshman in games this season. Nobody wants to burn a redshirt five games into the season if they can help it. If some injuries pop up at linebacker, Alec James could be a candidate or T.J. Watt if multiple injuries happen at tight end, both of which seem unlikely. Eight true freshman have played thus far.

Q: Deion Hallmon opened up his recruitment from Rutgers and now is visiting Wisconsin. What was the reason for the de-commitment and is he somebody UW fans should get excited about?
From Brian Dohn, who covers the East Coast from Fox Sports Next: Let me start by saying no matter what happens with Hallmon between now and signing day, no school should feel 100 percent good about a commitment until his national letter of intent arrives. He has been all over the place with his recruitment, decisions, leaders, etc., and I expect that to continue.

On his de-commitment from Rutgers, his mom wanted him to make a few official visits, especially since he never visited Rutgers, and when he told Rutgers about it, he was told if he makes other visits, they were pulling the scholarship offer and would no longer recruit him.

When it comes to Wisconsin fans being excited, I think it should be greatly tempered. He has speed and is loose, but getting worked up about anything he does or says is wasted energy. And that is not to say he is a bad kid or anything like that because he seems very nice. It's just a lot of what he thinks gets put out there rather than kept to himself.

Q: I am curious on whether or not the staff would take both Madre London and Chris James even while Mixon's recruitment still continues?
From Worgull: When I asked someone of knowledge that very question in August, that person's response was "We'll take them all." Now I would put the odds of the Badgers getting London, James and Mixon as slim to none, but I wouldn't be surprised if Wisconsin was able to real in James, who continues to say good things about the Badgers program, is coming back for an official visit Oct. 12 and someone who Allen Trieu believes has Wisconsin as his favorite. London appears to be a Nebraska lean going into the rest of his visits and Mixon will be a hard pull no matter what.

Q: What other positions does Wisconsin want in this recruiting cycle and where is UW comfortable with who they have?
From Worgull: To get a good idea of who Wisconsin is recruiting and where they are set, check out our ‘Big Board' thread on our insider board here . To summarize, UW feels pretty good about where they are at with the quarterbacks, tight ends (no commits but lot of good young depth), defensive line (three in-state commits and JUCO Joe Keels), linebacker (Dominic Cizauskas) and safety (Lubern Figaro and Austin Hudson). Wisconsin needs more wide receivers (Krenwick Sanders, Jalen Brown and Jamil Kamara) and they need cornerbacks (John Plattenburg and Jalen Embry). The Badgers would also like to get greedy at tailback (Mixon, James, London) and offensive line (Kaleb McGary, Frank Ragnow).

Q: With Raymon Minor putting Wisconsin in his top six, what are the Badgers realistic chances of landing him given the status of his other offers?
From Michael Clark, who covers Southern Virginia and the Carolinas: It's going to be tough. He has not named a leader and is playing it very close to the vest. However, I think Virginia Tech is the team to beat right and he has been there many times. With that said, he could end up somewhere else. A lot will depend on his official visits, so the key will be to get him on campus.

Q: Wisconsin hosted Krenwick Sanders and Jeremy Patterson last month and both said the visit went really well. What are the odds both players commit to the same school? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
From Chad Simmons, who covers the South: The odds are probably above 50 percent that the two go to the same school as of right now. It did not look that way early on, especially when Sanders was committed to Georgia, but as of now, the odds have increased. They are south Georgia kids, they are good friends and they have talked about staying together in the past.

Sanders is a wide receiver who can go up and get the football at its highest point. He is long and more on the rangy side with slightly better than average speed. He is more of a long-strider, so he does cover a lot of ground, but he needs to work on his speed and quickness off the ball. His hands are consistent and he is a weapon in the red zone.

Patterson started off as a defensive lineman in high school and he still could be looked at as a potential nose guard, but he is better suited for offensive guard. He is over 300 pounds now and he is a good drive blocker. His feet are above average, he has strong hands and he is good at getting his hands locked in and handling his opponent. He is still learning the position, so he needs to work on his technique and he can improve his first step as well.

Q: Who are some of the junior prospects in Ohio that aren't going to get gobbled up by Ohio State that Wisconsin has been in contact with?
From Bill Greene, who covers Ohio: Matt Jones. Offensive lineman. Hubbard. Already holds a few offers and would be highly interested … Jason Simon. Tailback. Canton GlenOak. Power runner that fits the system and there has been contact … LeCario Davison. Wide receiver/Safety. Galion. His teammate, Dareian Watkins, was recruited by Wisconsin and he likes them … Ted Stieber. Offensive lineman. Akron Hoban. Mom is a UW grad and he was at camp … Simeon Lane. Defensive tackle. Cincinnati St. Xavier. Hearing from UW. Interested … Mike Williams. Defensive end. Alliance. Definitely interested and there has been some contact from UW.

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