'Officially' Excited for Wisconsin

Taking his first official visit of the season, Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco defensive end Jacob Tuioti-Mariner is excited to visit Wisconsin this Saturday, especially since he's bringing along a fellow Badgers target and teammate with him.

Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco defensive end Jacob Tuioti-Mariner will get to take his first official visit this Saturday to Madison; a visit he's been anxiously looking forward to going on with childhood friend and teammate, five-star offensive lineman Damien Mama.

"We're going together right after the Santa Margarita game on Friday," Tuioti-Mariner told Badger Nation. "We planned it together and it's the first official visit for both of us. It's exciting because we actually grew up together right outside of Bosco, so its kind of fun we get to do it together."

The three-star defensive end – currently ranked No. 41 in the country by Fox Sports Next – is a part of a 5-0 season and looking to make it to six before heading to Wisconsin. Tuioti-Mariner is focused on his senior season first, but he did admit it's hard to ignore the recruiting calls. His top three of Arizona, Boise State and Wisconsin are constantly in contact with him.

In fact, twenty minutes before Tuioti-Mariner spoke to Badger Nation, Boise State called about his second official visit. The recruit will make the next trip to Boise State sometime in November.

Tuioti-Mariner is planning to take all five officials, unless one particular school can seal the deal early. With only a top three, fans may be curious about the other two visits. Tuioti-Mariner's coaches recently told him about two more schools that are coming into the picture.

"My coaches just told me that UCLA and USC really like me," said Tuioti-Mariner. "If that's the case then that could make a huge impact on my recruiting."

Tuioti-Mariner comes from a family of seven, and described himself as a bit of homebody. While UCLA nor USC haven't offered yet, either school could be a game changer for the recruit. Tuioti-Mariner already has high-expectations for his trip to Wisconsin, especially since the coaches and fans are already making the recruit feel more than welcomed from almost 2,000 miles away.

"Wisconsin has been showing me so much love. It's really cool how much interest the coaches have in me," said Tuioti-Mariner. "Yesterday, I tweeted about my first official visit being to Wisconsin, and my Twitter notifications have been non-stop. I already have new followers and re-tweets about it. It's crazy how the Wisconsin fans reacted to it, it's really cool.

"I've been hearing stories that they shut down the whole city just for the game. It's cool hearing that. I've never heard of a city shutting down just for a football game, because people usually take interest in other sports. It's crazy how they apparently center around the football team for a day."

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