Ask the Experts: December Edition

Where does Joe Mixon fit? How many more players will Wisconsin take? How solid are some of these commitments? The Fox Sports Next team of recruiting experts provides the answers to the questions posed by the community in this exclusive feature.

The community asked the questions, and the FOX Sports NEXT team of recruiting analysts chimed in with their answers, opinions and thoughts.

Q: How does Joe Mixon like OU's offense? You talk about finesse and soft. I get a USC, Bama type style but a stud tailback like this will be in a one back spread with 10ish touches tops. I would love to see him at UW but for the young man's sake skill wise, choose a pro-style offense.
From Greg Biggins, who covers California for Fox Sports Next: Oklahoma has done a nice job selling Mixon on how he could be the next Adrian Peterson. He likes the offense and understands one thing Joe does better than anyone is catch the ball out of the backfield. At OU, they've told him he'll have an opportunity to not only carry the ball but catch it as well and show off his all around skill set for the NFL. It's not just a football decision for Joe. He loved the environment and was very comfortable with the players and coaches out there. Saying all that, I really don't think OU is in this one, they're in his top four but probably running fourth right now.

Q: (1)If Sam Raridon is enrolling as a greyshirt would his scholarship count against the 2013 class or the 2014 class? (2)Is OL Walker Williams still on the team? If so, is he injured? He was a highly regarded recruit. If he is still on the team what are his prospects for seeing the field next year? (3)We are obviously going to have a recruiting class of more than 25 players (the presumptive NCAA limit per season).SEC teams frequently sign 28 players a year. What exception or circumstance allows a team under NCAA rules to sign more than 25 players? Is it merely space under the 85 scholarship player limit or are there other factors?
From Worgull: 1) Raridon would be listed in the 2014 class, just like Ula Tolutau will be listed in the 2016 class. 2) Yes, Walker Williams is still on the team. He hosted Kapoi on his visit. He isn't injured, just working on building his craft. I see him as the replacement for Rob Havenstein at RT in 2015. 3) NCAA allows teams to sign, I believe, 28 NLIs a year. Obviously a team can't have more than 85 scholarships. That means UW only has three more spots, in theory. Bylaw limits schools to signing 28 NLI from the initial signing day (first Wednesday in Feb.) through May 31.

I believe, according to one of our posters, UW can count Jaden Gault and Austin Hudson as early enrollees to the previous recruiting class, which would open up two more spots. It's certainly possible for UW to get close to 30 scholarship players, but they are currently two over the 85 maximum, meaning some players won't be returning.

Q: How do you see this recruiting class finishing up?
From Worgull: Going position by position: UW is done at quarterback; Wisconsin would love to take Mixon, but he is considered a luxury as UW has a pair of really talented back in Taiwan Deal and Caleb Kinlaw; UW would love to add Jamil Kamara and have a good shot at landing him, but Kamara going elsewhere could open up an opportunity for Daurice Fountain. UW likely won't take a TE (Kano Dillion probably won't qualify at UW), but the Badgers want to add a seventh offensive lineman. Kaleb McGary and Frank Ragnow are long shots, although offensive line coach T.J. Woods saw Ragnow Thursday, but Kolton Miller seems like a real possibility after his official visit last weekend.

UW is likely done at defensive tackle and might take another defensive end, depending on the player. UW still is talking to Serge Trezy and Michael Lazarus at linebacker and wants to add at least one more DB.

Q: Do the Badgers have any interest in anymore in-state players such as Mitchell Brees from Greendale?
From Worgull: Brees visited unofficially for the Penn State game, and UW would be smart to make a move on a kid who caught 80 passes for 1,308 yards and 14 touchdowns this past season. By my count, UW has six preferred walk-on offers, including a pair of tight end offers to Edgar's David Kornack and East Troy's Sam Eckert, further inclination that UW doesn't need to take a scholarship tight end in the class.

Q: How solid is the Joe Keels commitment?
From Worgull: It's fluid, especially with Keels having already taken an official to Nebraska and in West Virginia this weekend. He also tweeted that he will going to Illinois on an official next weekend. He apparently is going to decide Dec.17, and it's going to come down to UW and the Cornhuskers. His Twitter profile still lists himself as a UW commit and the fact that his cousin, Melvin Gordon, is at UW still makes me believe he's staying with UW.

Q: Which CB recruit is most likely to commit between Deion Hallmon and Tee Shepard?
From Worgull: Honestly I don't see either playing for Wisconsin as it stands today. The Hallmon ship, I am told, has sailed and Shepard was expected to visit last weekend before the visit had to be canceled at the last minute because junior college players have to wait until they have finished two semesters of school before they are allowed to take in an official visit.

Shepard has been racking in the offers lately, getting new offers from Georgia and Kansas State, but it appears that Ole Miss is the team to beat from listening to his comments. UW will probably have a good chance to get him on campus next month if he's still undecided, but aren't his leader.

Q: What are the chances we get Jamil Kamara or another wide receiver that is ready to play day one? Who is it other than Kamara?
From Worgull: Kamara has a top three of Wisconsin, Virginia and Pittsburgh, and I really like the Badgers out of that group. I think UW can grab Kamara because of the chance to play right away as a true freshman and because of the relationship Kamara has with Chris Beatty. Beatty visited Kamara this past week, is from the Virginia area and will be his position coach, so there are a lot of positives heading in UW's direction.

Because UW is in desperate need of receivers with Jared Abbrederis graduating and a second straight year without another wide receiver stepping up into the No.2 spot, I would imagine Krenwick Sanders (who is having a monster senior year) has a great chance along with Dareian Watkins and Natrell Jamerson. Chris Jones has a chance, but he probably needs another year of seasoning.

Q: What incoming recruits do you see contributing early?
From Worgull: In addition to the wide receivers, UW is going to want an offensive lineman or two to make an impact because of the lack of depth on the line. Knowing that, I can see Jaden Gault making a move because he's enrolling early. He can likely play either tackle or guard at UW. UW also needs help on the defensive line with so many players graduating, so guys like Craig Evans and Joe Keels (should they stay committed) or Jeremy Patterson will have a great chance to fortify the depth at the position.

Finally, Rafael Gaglianone has a great chance to come in and beat out Jack Russell for the starting kicking job.

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